You Will Be Fine

Mixing animation and live action, Gros chagrin depicts the failing of a relationship.

The Resolute

An old Italian who has retired to the woods of Vermont meets a filmmaker and seizes the occasion to look back on his long life. Wartime memories trigger recollections of his past as a child soldier in the ranks of the Decima Mas, one of the most violent fascist militias.

The Splintering Sun

Il Sole S’Incrina is loosely based on life and works of Tommaso Campanella, in particular his utopian dialogue The City of the Sun.

The Wild Boys

Five children commit a savage crime. As punishment, a Dutch captain takes them to a supernatural island with luxuriant vegetation and bewitching powers: a pirate film mixed with body horror as a metaphor for troubled gender identity.

Three Quarters

Mila is a gifted pianist with a bright future, yet her father doesn’t pay her much attention, and her brother tries to distract her with his unwanted talent for the absurd. A portrait of a family struggling to find meaning and balance, after a traumatic loss.


Drżenia tells the story of a teenager aflicted by strange tremors, where fact and fiction get mixed up.

Vando Aka Vedita

Vando Vulgo Vedita is an explosion of youthful queerness with bleached hair.

Snow White

Schneewittchen examines what happens to dead bodies after death in the cases of dictator’s mausoleums, museum stuffed animals and religious relics.

The Endless Day

Three siblings play hide-and-seek, read to each other, roughhouse and tumble with their dog: at first glance, they lead an unburdened childhood life. But they are completely alone, and the forest is just outside, and wasn’t there something about a big bad wolf?

The Good Education

The Good Education is a “direct cinema” documentary about Peipei, a scapegoat of her school.

The Heaven of Animals

In El cielo de los animales we visit a dog grooming contest where everyone is against everyone else.

Histories of Wolves

This film collects stories related with wolves in the north of Portugal: myth, death, things that may or may not have happened.

I Remember the Crows

Júlia Katharine, a trans woman, tells the story of her life in a night of insomnia. Gustavo Vinagre makes this apparently simple portrait where personal memories get mixed with filmic memories, as a way to better understand the trauma.

Let’s Dance

Dansons maintenant portrays three young people wandering through the night towards a joyful and devastating celebration.


One day the director and her two sisters receive a letter from their father saying he doesn’t want to see them for 6 months. That letter is now 12 years old: Doei.


Bilal is a violent outsider that one day comes across a worthy rival. The two will lock horns in Prends mon poing.

Trajectory Drift

A freight container becomes a gloomy babel where two men recall their exiles, in Trajectory Drift.

The Image You Missed

An Irish filmmaker grapples with the legacy of his estranged father, the late documentarian Arthur MacCaig, and his archive of the conflict in Northern Ireland. The Image You Missed depicts a candid encounter between two filmmakers, father and son.