23 MAY — 02 JUNE 2024

23 MAY — 02 JUNE 2024


21 years and 11 days of film

You’ve watched, you’ve voted.

IndieLisboa’s aftermath at Cinema Ideal

IndieLisboa2024 Awards

Industry Awards of the 21st edition of IndieLisboa

Weekend with Pool and Science? Yes!

Please come in.

Outdoor party on the 25th and so much more after that!

New IndieApp to keep up to date with everything!

Review and preview IndieLisboa with TVCine Channels.

IndieLisboa 2024 Partners

Full programme now available!

Discover the funniest part of Indie.

IndieJunior WARM UP on May 5th!

IndieLisboa makes it happen

You don’t need to sleep with your eyes open to watch these.

Discover the selected projects to be funded by the Cinema Support Fund

IndieJunior Preview for Educators on April 17 at 6pm at Casa do Comum!

Looking at the past and imagining the future

WARM UP at Musa de Marvila? Yes, please!

Cinema for all

INDUSTRY 2024 Accreditation requests

Not only giving you films, giving you everything.

Here’s how you reconstruct a crow