23 MAY — 02 JUNE 2024

23 MAY — 02 JUNE 2024

About Us

IndieLisboa International Film Festival focuses on the exhibition of works that fill the void of film circulation shaped by the mainstream production and exhibition dominating the market. Every year, showing more than 270 films, IndieLisboa attracts audiences and film professionals from all over the globe by giving them the opportunity to discover recent films from emerging talents and to rediscover reputed authors. The festival's sections also comprise themed programmes, shining a light on relevant affairs, aiming for a conceptually and geographically diverse selection.

IndieLisboa’s main sections are competitive programmes composed by world, international or national premieres. With few exceptions, all selected films have their national presentation at the festival. IndieJunior, the children/youth section of the festival, is crucial for boosting local film literacy levels in this range of public and for the shaping of new audiences. The festival also aims to draw a spotlight on the discovery of Portuguese recent films through its national competitions and industry-oriented activities.

IndieLisboa is also a festival that focuses on a programme designed specifically for the industry (audience of film professionals, filmmakers, producers, sales agents, programmers, critics, etc.). This industry core, parallel to the screenings programme, is composed of workshops, masterclasses, debates, a script-writing lab, a film fund, a pitching forum, screenings of works in progress and also several networking events, among other activities. The industry centre is consistently and continuously expanding, actively contributing to the dynamics of a more diverse film exhibition and distribution network.

Competitive Sections

International Competition

Section presenting first, second and third works never publicly shown in Portugal. These films were finalised in the year in which the festival takes place or in the previous year. In this section, feature and short films compete in separate programmes.

National Competition

The National Competition brings together Portuguese feature and short films that have, for the most part, their world premiere at the festival.


Showing works by young filmmakers and renowned authors, this section finds the norm in its singularity. Under the wing of Silvestre we have shown works that reject consecrated formulas, which awaken new languages ​​and whose rebellion mirrors the spirit of the festival.

Brand new

Competitive section comprising films by Portuguese young filmmakers. Some directed their film in a school context; others were fearless enough to direct a first film regardless of any support. Portuguese cinema continues to affirm surprising new voices that the festival wants to support and show.


The link between film and music is at the epicentre of this competitive section. IndieMusic embraces films about musicians and bands from around the world, often immersing themselves in the historical, political and social contexts that accompany musical movements. These little revolutions find a mirror in the night programming of concerts and parties – IndiebyNight.


A new cooperation network has emerged that brings together 7 festivals from 7 different countries, with the intention of encouraging the circulation of European titles. The section is competitive, itinerant and collaborative, with a selection of 7 chosen films representing all member countries.

Non-competitive Sections


This key section of the festival is dedicated to younger viewers. IndieJunior aims to contribute to the aesthetical and cultural education of children and youngsters through an artistic and playful experience, differentiated from their habitual consumption of moving images, whether on television or in the commercial cinema circuit. Film programming is complemented by a set of workshops, cultural activities and creative spaces especially designed for the little ones, their families and schools.


Retrospective section dedicated to looking at the past of cinema, providing rediscoveries that contribute significantly to the enrichment of the contemporary gaze.

Director’s Cut

New films that plunge into the memory of cinema as its main inspiration and films that rework the cinematographic visual heritage. The section unfolds in a Director’s Cut In Context, featuring works in which the heritage of those who made the history of cinema is materialised.

Mouth of Madness

This section presents films that tear language and genre boundaries without taboos. Disconcerting films, controversial themes, and works that are best understood (and digested) under the sign of midnight.


New sidebar section showcasing films that highlight relevant topics of today, established filmmakers and avant-premieres. A program aiming to gather the main audience of the festival around cinema as entertainment, reflection and debate.