23 MAY — 02 JUNE 2024

23 MAY — 02 JUNE 2024

Co-Production Forum

From 2023, IndieLisboa is part of Smart7, a cooperation network for innovation in the European professional market and festival culture. This network is supported by Creative Europe and brings together Iceland, Lithuania, Romania, Poland, Greece, Spain and Portugal.

As a result, a new Industry programme - the Co-Production Forum - was created in order to strengthen the co-production links between these countries and better meet the current needs of our professional environment. This project counts with the collaboration of Media Desk Portugal, as well as Media Desk Lithuania and Greece.

The forum will present a selection of 7 projects currently being developed and financed, from international producers from Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Greece, Spain and Portugal, with France and Belgium as special guest countries. The forum is not only a space to exchange ideas with your peers, but also to establish lasting connections for the presented projects or future films.

Each producer will present a feature film project in development, looking for co-producers from the other countries, with a special focus on Portuguese producers, followed by a series of closed door meetings, all taking place on April 29.

Selected projects:

SACRED WAY ~ 21KLM, Maria Karagiannaki (Greece)

ANEKUMEN, Leire Apellaniz (Spain)

DOLPHIN, Pola Łangowsk (Poland)

ATRAVESSEI O DESERTO COM UMA ARMA NA MÃO, Clementine Mourão-Ferreira (France)

A FORMA DA MUDANÇA, Irina Malcea (Romania)

Rūta Petronytė (Lithuania)

Maria João Mayer (Portugal)

To complement this, there will be on April 28, in the same space, at 4:00 pm, an information session from Media Desk Portugal, in which participants will have the opportunity to learn about the funding possibilities that the EU Creative Europe MEDIA Programme has to offer to the European film and audiovisual sector. With a particular focus on the funding lines supporting producers, speaker Susana Costa Pereira, the executive coordinator of the Creative Europe Portugal Information Centre, will address the main objectives of the programme, the types of projects eligible for funding, and the application and selection processes. In addition, participants will be able to clarify their doubts and get useful information on how to make the most of MEDIA's opportunities.