23 MAY — 02 JUNE 2024


Cinema for all

IndieJúnior Schools: open for registration

The second weekend of IndieJunior

The first weekend of IndieJúnior

IndieJúnior Outdoor Party is coming up

Hats on the head and sunglasses for the IndieJúnior warm-up

Films, ping-pong and games on the terrace for the IndieJúnior warm-up

This year Baby Cinema has screenings for schools

IndieJúnior is just around the corner!

IndieJúnior Escolas 2023 Programme Preview

IndieJúnior Escolas 2023: inscrições abertas

The winning film of IndieJúnior 2022

The last IndieJunior weekend for families

What does climate crisis mean anyway? IndieJunior answers

Let’s celebrate spring: the invitation is open and the entry is free

In 2022, we remember in family with IndieJunior

Colours and surprises for the birthday celebrations

IndieJúnior 2022 programme

Open Call IndieJunior: let’s build a collection of testimonials

IndieJunior turns 18 and everyone is invited to the party

IndieJúnior 2022 programme preview

IndieJunior 2022 School programme: reservations available

IndieJúnior Open Air Party

Workshops & Activities Programme