01 MAY — 11 MAY 2024

See you next year! IndieJunior says goodbye, but not without saying goodbye to you.

IndieJunior celebrated childhood and invited people of all ages to the party. Celebrating growth through spontaneity and creativity is what makes IndieJunior a happy place where even adults want to participate.

We’d like to thank everyone who took part and was part of yet another edition! It was 11 days of cinema and countless delicious and fun activities.

Editing: Alfredo Leite; Image and filming: Bruna Buniotto, Mariana Macedo, Rita Costa

As well as cinema, we had puppets and lots of activities to get our hands dirty and our bodies moving – after all, creativity doesn’t just come from our minds, it also comes from our movement. We had cookie and knitting workshops, body expression workshops and so many other activities to get the body moving!

We brought cinema from different parts of the world, because cinema can very well have a universal language, without the need for translation.

And we brought “Gaspar’s Friends” to create collective memories of different generations in the family.

Finally, we ended on the best note… floating in our aquatic cinema. We take the expression “diving into a film” very seriously.

We’ve highlighted some of the best moments of IndieJunior 2024 in the video above (click on the link). We hope you enjoy it!

What a beautiful edition!

Thank you!