01 MAY — 11 MAY 2024

Unique IndieJunior moments besides the films screenings

We keep saying IndieJunior is the most fun section of the festival for a reason. In addition to the list of wonderful films of this year’s edition, from all four corners of the world, there are a few special screenings and a lot of unique activities that will take place exclusively during the festival and in which both children and families can spend unforgettable moments.

In terms of special screenings, on May 4th, 16h00 at Culturgest (Grande Auditório), we have Mundo Animado – Film -concert with Casa da Música, where three resident musicians from the Casa da Música Educational Service – António Serginho, Óscar Rodrigues and Pedro Cardoso (Peixe) – bring music to two Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton films live on stage. A moment of creativity and demonstration of talent that can hardly be repeated at another time.

Poland is so much fun! (May 5th, 16h00 at Culturgest – Grande Auditório, and May 12th, 11h30 at Ideal Cinema) is a special screening featuring a number of animated films produzed in 60’s Poland. A real trip across time and a rare opportunity to see films whose originality and inventiveness is inspiring.

Read more about the Special IndieJunior Screenings here.

In addition to these moments, several workshops and fun activities are also scheduled to make the best out of the creativity of IndieLisboa’s youngest audience. On May 11th, 16h00 at the Galveias Palace library garden, there is a magnificent Picnic on Grass! where children, young people and families can play, listen to music and engage in a lot of activities related to the program’s films. To top it all off, the picnic happens right after a screening with live dubbing – Somewhere between Heaven and Earth, Culturgest at 15h00. Bring a blanket and a basket with food!

In Faces and Grimaces! (May 4th, 11h00, and May 12th, 17h00, at the Galveias Palace library garden), parents and children over 3 years old can make a very special book (almost more like a toy) that will give life to characters that do not stop making strange faces.

In PLIM! A film was made (May 5th at 15h00 and May 12th at 15h0 at the Galveias Palace library garden), a mini animation film is created from a little book with 4 pictures. How? You’ll only get to find out if you go to the workshop!

In Sound, let’s go to the cinema? (May 5th, 11h00 at Cinema São Jorge), girls and boys from 6 to 10 years old get to create the sounds of a films by using their voices, bodies and the objects they have at home. In Bring the sound to the cinema (10 – 15 years old / May 5th, 16h30 at Cinema São Jorge), sound is also create from scratch, having Maluch, a Polish animation of the 60s, as an inspiration.

In Get out of the box! (May 11th, 11h00 at Cinema São Jorge), parents and children over 8 years old are invited to explore the theatricality of their movements and their bodies in order to find new forms of expression that they have never before experienced with.

Finally, the Indie Library (May 12th, 10h30 at Cinema Ideal) is back and is once again the ideal place for families and children over 5 years old to read stories, draw characters and create books.

Want to read more about all the activities, know prices and more details? Visit this page and save the dates!