Special IndieJunior Screenings

Filme Animado – Film-concert with Casa da Música
+ 6 years · 6 €
May 4th, 16h00, Culturgest (Grande Auditório) – BUY TICKETS

This time around, the musical proposition goes from the north to the south of the country, with this film-concert developed in partnership with Casa da Música. On one hand, you have the original music, composed by three resident musicians of the Educational Service of Casa da Música, António Serginho, Óscar Rodrigues and Pedro Cardoso (Peixe). On the other, films of two of the greatest silent movie heroes: Charlie Chaplin and his film Charlot on Peace Street and Buster Keaton with the film One Week. Inside the theatre, a trip through electronic sonorities combined with classical instruments such as the piano and punctuated by visual elements that will remind the audience of the cinema of the beginning of the last century.

Poland is so much fun!
+ 5 years
May 5th, 16h00, Culturgest (Grande Auditório) – BUY TICKETS
May 12th, 11h30, Cinema Ideal – BUY TICKETS

We present a special screening made up of animated short films for kids, produced in Poland in the 60s. The motto of IndieJunior this year is to dive in, so we invite viewers to immerse themselves in animation techniques as varied as surprising, as well as an aesthetic that makes it possible for adults to travel back to their childhood, sharing this memory with the little ones.

A tribute to the remarkable Polish animation cinema from the 1960’s with six charming films recently restored by the Polish National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute (FINA) and Studio Miniatur Filmowych.

Relaxed Screening

What is a relaxed screening or session? It is a screening of a film, a theater play or a dance or music session that takes place in a more relaxed and welcoming atmosphere with tolerance for movement and noise in the audience.

It is programmed for all individuals and families who prefer an environment with low levels of anxiety, families with young children, people with sensory, social or communication disabilities; people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), including Asperger’s syndrome, people with intellectual disabilities, children with attention deficit disorder, people with Down syndrome, people with Tourette’s syndrome, seniors in early states of dementia.

+ 6 anos