23 MAY — 02 JUNE 2024

23 MAY — 02 JUNE 2024

Tickets and Informations

Box Office Opening
May 9, 2024



5,00€ Film screenings (except Cinemateca
3,20€ Screenings at Cinemateca Portuguesa
8,00€ Pool Cinema
10,00€ Mouth of Madness Marathon
4,00€ Baby Cinema*
8,00€ Baby Cinema Workshops*
8,50€ IndieJúnior Workshops
1,50€ IndieJúnior Escolas**
2,50€ Cineclube Sessions**

*Single ticket valid for one child and up to two accompanying adults (only one ticket per child). Recommended for babies from 6 months old and children under 3 years old. In the Baby Cinema Workshops participation is recommended from 1 year old.
**Free for teachers and accompanying adults


4,00€ Under 30, over 65, unemployed (proof required), disabled or Deaf person*
13,20€ Family Ticket - valid for 4 people in IndieJúnior Family screenings
3,00€** Large Family Ticket (5 people minimum, price per person) - exclusive for members of the Portuguese Large Families Association, in IndieJúnior family sessions
3,50€** IndieLisboa Partners (Gerador associates, Rede Expressos customers with a Rede Expressos ticket or RFLEX card and NOVA University Lisbon card holders)

*If you want to purchase tickets for seats for people who use wheelchairs, please contact the ticket office of the venue where the screening takes place. Free ticket for a companion of a disabled or Deaf person is available. (pick-up at the festival's physical ticket offices, subject to room capacity).
**Discount applicable only on tickets purchased at the physical box offices of the festival and upon presentation of the appropriate cards.

Discounts Cinemateca Portuguesa

2,15€ Students, Cartão Jovem or seniors 65+ (proof required)
1,35€ Cinemateca Friends/Film students

Discounts Pool Cinema

14,00€ pack (adult + kid)
22,00€ pack (2 adults + kid)


The purchase of voucher ticket books is available at the festival’s central box offices, located at Culturgest and Cinema São Jorge, and at the Ticketline network (read all the information here).
When purchased at Ticketline, the ticket books must be collected afterwards at Culturgest box office, and individual vouchers will only be valid for film screenings once redeemed for tickets.

Ticket books
5 voucher tickets: 18,00€
10 voucher tickets: 34,00€
20 voucher tickets: 60,00€

Voucher ticket book holders have an exclusive ticket office where they can exchange voucher tickets for all the festival’s venues.

Indielisboa Voucher Box Office
Culturgest, Rua Arco do Cego, 50 - Guest Office Room
May 23 to June 2, from 11 am until 9 pm


Online tickets: ticketline.pt.

Local Box Office
Edifício Sede da CGD, Rua Arco do Cego, 50
May 9 to 22, from 11 am to 6 pm, except on the 13 and 20 (closed).
May 23 to June 2, from 11 am to the beginning of the last screening.

Metro Avenida (blue line) • Buses 709*, 711, 732, 736, 746, 783, 207**
** This bus does not operate on Sundays and public holidays.
** Night bus service.

Online tickets: blueticket.pt

Local Box Office
Av. da Liberdade, 175
May 9 to 22, from, from 2 pm to 7 pm.
May 23 to June 2, from 10 am to the beginning of the last screening.

Metro Avenida (blue line) • Buses 709*, 711, 732, 736, 746, 783, 207**
* This bus does not operate on Sundays and public holidays.
** Night bus service.

Online tickets: ticketline.pt
(only sells until the day before the session)

Local Box Office
Rua do Loreto, 15/17
May 9 to 22, from 2 pm to 9.30 pm.
May 23 to June 5, from 2 pm until the beginning of the last screening.
On days with morning screenings, the box office opens 15 minutes before them.

Metro Baixa-Chiado (green/blue line) • Buses 758, 202* • Tram E24, E28

*Night bus service.

Online tickets: cinemateca.bol.pt

Local Box Office
Rua Barata Salgueiro, 39
May 23 to June 1, Monday to Friday, from 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm and from 5.30 pm to 10.00 pm; Saturdays, from 2.00 pm to 9.30 pm.

Metro Marquês do Pombal (blue/yellow line)/Avenida (blue line) • Buses 706, 709*, 711, 720, 727, 732*, 736, 738, 746, 773, 774, 783, 207**
* This bus does not operate on Sundays and public holidays.
** Night bus service.

Online tickets: ticketline.pt

Local Box Office
Campo Grande 376 (inside Lusófona University)
May 24 to June 2, half an hour before screenings.

Metro Campo Grande (green/yellow line) • Buses 717, 736, 750, 767, 798

Online tickets: ticketline.pt
Ticket sales only online.

Calçada Poço dos Mouros, 2 
Metro Arroios (green line) • Buses 206, 706, 718, 735, 742, 797, 37B 

For sessions Pool Cinema, the following material will be mandatory: Swim cap; Slippers (the use of street slippers inside the pool is not allowed); Tight-fitting Lycra underwear or shorts (the use of other types of shorts is not allowed; beach shorts will not be accepted); Full lycra swimsuit (the use of threepiece swimsuits or two-piece bikinis is not allowed).

All participants watch the films in the water, and it will not be allowed for people to stay outside the pool during the cinema session. All children and young people under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult participant, following the rule of 1 adult for each child or young person.


From May 23 to June 1: 11 am until 7 pm.
June 2: 11 am until 4 pm.


Culturgest and Cinema São Jorge

From May 23 to June 2, opening 30 minutes before the first screening until the start of the last screening of the day.

IndieLisboa InfoLine: +351 920 301 611
(National Mobile Network)
IndieJúnior InfoLine: +351 966 972 870
(National Mobile Network)


Culturgest – Auditório Emílio Rui Vilar: 612 + 4 reduced mobility
Culturgest – Pequeno Auditório: 143 + 2 reduced mobility

Cinema São Jorge – Sala Manoel de Oliveira: 827 + 3 reduced mobility
Cinema São Jorge – Sala 3: 199 + 4 reduced mobility

Cinema Ideal: 187

Cinemateca Portuguesa – Sala Félix Ribeiro: 227 + 2 reduced mobility
Cinemateca Portuguesa – Sala Luís de Pina - 47 + 2 reduced mobility

Cinema Fernando Lopes: 126 + 4 Reduced Mobility 

Penha de França Pool: 120