Stories Keep Me Awake at Night


IndieLisboa 2021 •

Belgium, France, Fiction, 2020, 30′

A common family nucleus, but with a lunar aspect: a domineering father, a distant mother, a teenage daughter unsure of her boyfriend, and the smallest one, perhaps in an identity limbo. Each of them overflowing with their own frustrations and desires.

In a small village, an ordinary family reveals itself in its diversity. From the eyes of a boy who likes to walk around in his sister's dresses, the family lives the daily life, giving space to the children's growth. Outside, there seems to be an effort to explain; at home, things are what they are, naturally. Each one lives their fears and desires without major dramas. In the sum of the parts that make up the family, the perspective of each of its members, all of them lonely and unique, is never lost. (Margarida Moz)