Sleep Tight

Catarina Ruivo

IndieLisboa 2021 •

Portugal, Fiction, 2021, 21′

A delicate film, like a dollhouse, that shows a touching connection between grandmother and grandson and how both function as each other’s safe havens — especially when a naughty character tries to instill some fears in them.

A grandmother and her grandson. A light and dark encounter.  A spiteful tattletale. An instilled fear. An overrun. Desire and emotion. A game of hide-and-seek is what Catarina Ruivo proposes to us. A universe of her own, to which you have access if you know the keywords: time, space and shot. Catarina's cinema is from another time, one in which pure friendships are built, no need to rush and to understand the meaning of waiting, with hope and belief. A living picture in contemporary cinema. (Miguel Valverde)

Director's Bio

Born in 1971 in Coimbra, Portugal, Catarina Ruivo studied at the Lisbon Theatre and Film School, where she specialised in editing. She worked as an editor in several films, including Mal (1999) and The Girl with the Dead Hand (2005), both by Alberto Seixas Santos, and The Policewoman, by Joaquim Sapinho (2003). Her first venture as a director was in 1998 with the short A Kind of Blue. In 2004 she directed her first feature film, André Valente, which won the FICC/IFFS’s Don Quixote award in Locarno, among others.