The C for Coffee episode, from Canal 180, recorded during IndieLisboa is now available

The 3rd episode of the C for Coffee series, produced by Canal 180 and recorded during IndieLisboa 2020 with 4 directors, is now available online.

The first conversation was between directors Luis López Carrasco, from the film The Year of the Discovery, and Catarina Vasconcelos, from The Metamophorsis of Birds, winner of the Best Director in a Portuguese Feature Film and the Audience Award. The second conversation was between Lois Patiño, from Red Moon Tide, and Joana Pimenta, member of the festival official jury this year.

When we finally had the opportunity to go out after a summer focused on music, we returned to cinema (and to the cinema), and recorded the third episode of C for Coffee at IndieLisboa in August. For this episode, we invited Luis Lopez Carrasco and Catarina Vasconcelos, and Lois Patiño and Joana Pimenta to sit and talk at the emblematic Galeto.

In this conversation, already within the context of the pandemic, we wanted to know about the director’s work, but also how they see their work within the current context. Joana Pimenta and Lois Patiño reflected on which films matter the most for them right now, online platforms and the telling of personal and intimate stories in films, whereas Catarina Vasconcelos and Luis Lopez Carrasco discussed the role of memory in cinema and online distribution.” (Canal 180)