A film with a daring musical vein that seeks to distinguish the night experiences of a group of friends from this place of alienation, exclusivity and consumption that is the “club”. There’s nothing more important than defiance against the system—especially when it’s practiced with friends.

Super Natural

Inhabiting the blurred boundaries between documentary and fiction, this is a film that experiments with form — between curiosities, video clips and confessions — which is not surprising since it started out as a spectacle for the stage and not for the screen. Madeira’s autochthonous lusciouness is where the possibilities open up to think about everything we consider to be “natural” and whether we should expand the notion to encompass much more complexity.

Journey to the Sun

A film that uses images from family archives to highlight the testimonies of children coming from Austria to Portugal, in the post-Second World War period. This reflection on a migration from an area marked by war, to another without the traces of that same destruction, gives space for dominant narratives to be confronted with first-hand experiences. The film proposes to look at a past that may resonate in the present.

Dry Ground Burning

In Ceilândia, on the outskirts of Brasília, Léa, Chitara and Andreia have a very particular business: extracting oil from pipelines in the city, then turning it into gasoline that they sell to “motoboys” in the area. Between this structure and the business of politics, this is the story of Kebradas’ gasoline trade.


Xavier is a musician trying to make it with his band, until he makes a Faustian bargain, with all the inevitable tragedy that entails.


A mother goes shopping and the weight of the bags hurts her. She asks her son for aid and he comes to help her carry the groceries home. As they travel the distance, they also deal with the issues that haunt them.

Growing Pains – A Film in Seven Parts

The director creates a collage, between filmed images, superimposed animations and a multi-voice narrative that takes us through an exploration of age and growing pains.


We spent a day with Raquel, who is just trying to be financially independent. Between looking for a job and looking for a house, nothing goes as planned.

Prospect Park

This is the story of a kiss and an internal storm. It’s also a story about desire and the first time we’re close to someone we wish was closer.

Domy + Ailucha – Ket stuff!

As a result of a pandemic, Ico Costa leaves a camera with Ailucha and Domy. What we see is their daily life in Inhambane, where these young Mozambicans live their youth.

The Kegelstatt Trio

The Portuguese director brings to the big screen the only play written by Éric Rohmer, French filmmaker of the Nouvelle Vague, in a romantic comedy in which the theme is not marriage but remarriage, joining the “Rohmerian” formula of episodes scattered around four seasons. Rita Durão and Pierre Léon are two people that share a romantic history who find each other again and again, rekindling their passion.

Périphérique Nord

An exploration of Portuguese emigration and its materialization in an object imbued with ideas of success. In this documentary, the director travels 2000km to people who have left Portugal in search of a new life. The car is the starting and meeting point for a discussion around symbolism, identity and community.

Rise and Disappear

Milk pouring into open eyes, details of stones and roof tiles, or even dogs being petted. Francisco Queimadela and Mariana Caló invent an idiosyncratic yet hypnotic world.

What Remains

Emílio only has one ram left. After a first failed attempt to sell it, he is forced to go on a trip, through the rural landscape, to secure the sale of his animal.

The Shift

At first nothing seems to load Anna with worries or weights during a short trip, in the company of her dog. But the environment begins to change when entering the supermarket. While viewing the shelves, the displays, she does mental calculations. Until the call.

Transportation Procedures For Lovers

A synesthetic experience that, between the story of a couple who broke up and a phone call to Fedex asking if they would transport people, meditates on what are the best methods of getting closer to those you love.

Whale Beards

The repository for the myths and memories of a village on the Atlantic coast. The stories appear as if the oral tradition were the only narrative that remains, bringing to the present ancient and almost lost traditions.


After a painful nose operation, Gabriela spends a sweltering summer vacation with her parents in a house in the country. Still in convalescence, she enjoys the attention and pampering that surrounds her — until the arrival of her parents French friends.