Rising Sun Blues

A first feature film that engages in a process of knowledge sharing between two women with different occupations — sex work and cinematographic work — that try to start a dialogue, while both filming and allowing themselves to be filmed.

Waters of Pastaza

It is along the Pastaza River, which travels from Ecuador to Peru, that we find the Achuar community that Inês T. Alves visited, without necessarily intending to make a film. But the curiosity and independence of the children she met — fluent in fishing, cooking or crafts — resulted in this documentary.

The Days In Our Life

There aren’t enough hours in the day for everything Lena has and would love to do. In a bakery at dawn, in a supermarket during the rest of the day, nothing seems secure enough to keep her afloat. And then there’s her daughter. And her grief. Who she is fades away a little.

Becoming Male in the Middle Ages

What makes something natural or artificial? Two couples are dealing with fertility issues, but not in a conventional way. Mirene and André, Carl and Vicente are characters exploring what it’s like to build a biological family.

Blue Has No Dimensions

Yves Klein said that blue was beyond dimensions. This film draws us into those of someone who believes they will disappear on her 28th birthday, like a prophecy.

By Flávio

Márcia would like to be an influencer on Instagram, but also to hang out with rapper Da Reel Chullz. However, there’s a tiny obstacle, her son Flávio.

Behind Those Walls

A documentary by Manuel Mozos about the spaces that capture the narratives of the marginalized. Whether madmen or criminals, they are all those who existed delimited and separated: in forts, in prisons, in hospitals or asylums. Their time passed, but the spaces remain.

The Bath

A meditation on the magic and danger of taking a bath.


“Cooking is caring” and this is an ode to one of the most affectionate gestures. An animation that takes us through the preparation of a meal, from coriander soup to hake dumplings, and the playful dynamics this familiar (and familial) routine provides.

The End Before Me

The director takes us on a journey, in more ways than one, in which she investigates old photographs and home videos of her parents, trying to get to know the people they were before she existed.

Red Cemetery

An Azorean spaghetti western in which two outlaws, as tradition dictates, clash in a cemetery over a fistful of gold coins.