What Do We See When We Look at the Sky?

Aleksandre Koberidze

IndieLisboa 2021 •

Georgia, Germany, Fiction, 2021, 150′

Koberidze’s camera brings poetry to the most everyday gestures, in an ode to love, football and cinema. In this film in the form of a modern folktale, two people fall in love in a classic meet cute moment, but find themselves cursed, condemned to not recognize each other.

This film is made by a man in love. His eyes see the hidden movements of the most ordinary things. His breath is held as that of Lionel Messi before striking at the World Cup final. His heart sings with Gianna Nannini. He wanders aimlessly through the streets of Kutaisi, making friends with all the strays. He is transformed, and he tells us the story of this transformation. It starts in the most ordinary fashion. An encounter, as usual. A promise, as usual. An evil spell, as usual. Magic comes as no surprise for a man in love. And then, everything is revealed to be not what it seems, even if it’s one’s own body. Disoriented, what does one do? One makes films, responds Alexandre Koberidze (Let the Summer Never Come Again), a masterful heir to the tradition of fabulation in Georgian cinema. All the wonders take place on the screen before our eyes. But when we close our eyes, as the man in love asks us to do, what do we see? (Anastasia Lukovnikova)