23 MAY — 02 JUNE 2024

Cinema for all

Programming for all children is a pleasant challenge. Aware of the importance of cinema for providing perspective on cultures and histories, IndieJúnior carries out solid work with pre-school, 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle schools, inviting several classes to participate in our sessions.

It is in this spirit of participation and development of critical thinking that we created the project I Program a Film Festival, through which students select films for IndieJúnior sessions. As always, we consider it important to open dialogue with the school audience. Hence, the Film-Debate was born, in which we invite a mediation panel that calls for the opening of speech and discussion on a current topic of interest to these ages.

In this edition, in addition to cinema screenings from pre-school to 3rd cycle, we will have, for the first time, films for babies up to 3 years old enrolled in daycare centers in Lisbon. Programming for schools is carried out during school hours and during the working days when IndieLisboa takes place. On weekends, the program is intended for a large meeting between families, children and young people.

At IndieJúnior, awards ar given by the public! Voting takes place through the distribution of voting slips to children, young people and adults who participate in cinema sessions.

From the film programming, we highlight a Peruvian feature film whose plot revolves around the affection that a boy, a fan of sports and Cristiano Ronaldo, has for alpacas. Between Rocks and Clouds is a tender and candid fiction “for all childhoods”. Also highlighted, Os Amigos do Gaspar: Uma Reunião na Cidade, by director Duarte Coimbra, takes us on a nostalgic journey with the characters and puppets from the famous RTP series Os Amigos do Gaspar, on a journey through the city of Porto. This film is also a musical journey through Sérgio Godinho’s album which is based on this series.

In addition to the panoply of animated shorts from various corners of the world, IndieJúnior brings, as always, memorable moments of conviviality. Starting with the Open Air Party on the 25th of May, in the gardens of the Palácio Galveias Library. After the premiere of Os Amigos do Gaspar: Uma Reunião na Cidade, which includes a live performance by Gaspar’s puppets, we headed to the garden for an afternoon of creative exploration through our workshops. This party also includes puppet theater with Os Dom Robertos from SA Marionetas.

We also bring a programme designed for families and babies up to 3 years old, with films and workshops, with limited capacity. Most workshops are free, with a few exceptions, which require prior registration.

From May 23 to June 2, the best of children’s and youth cinema can be seen at Cinema São Jorge, Culturgest, Cinema Ideal, Biblioteca Palácio Galveias and Piscina da Penha de França.