01 MAY — 11 MAY 2024

01 MAY — 11 MAY 2024

Mouth of Madness: one hour of 8 must-see short films to watch from home

The weekend is just around the corner and we have suggested here an incredible session of Mouth of Madness short films available to watch from wherever you are. One hour of 8 must-see short films that have already passed through this fracturing section of the festival.


Fucking Bunnies, Teemu Niukkanen, Finland, 2016, 17′


The Procedure, Calvin Lee Reeder, USA, 2015, 4′


The Robbery, Jim Cummings, USA, 2016, 10”


Lesley the Pony Has an A+ Day!, Christian Larrave, USA, 2014, 4′


Steven Goes To The Park, Claudia Cortés Espejo, Belgium, 2016, 6′

MeTube 2: August sings Carmina, Burana Daniel Moshel, Austria, 2015, 5′


Caterpillarplasty, David Barlow-Krelina, Canada, 2018, 5′


Chowboys: An American Folktale Astron-6, USA, 2018, 9′