01 MAY — 11 MAY 2024

IndieJunior: a world of possibilities to stimulate the senses

It is the most fun section of the festival, one that gathers children and adults around the magic of cinema. Taking place in parallel to the “more adult” program, IndieJunior promotes, between May 2nd and May 12th, film screenings for all ages and spaces where playing and knowledge go hand in hand. A diverse programming that serves to sharpen the senses!

WATCH… to rediscover

There are several screenings for all ages that, during the week of the festival, will delight the little ones, but IndieJunior is not just a place for the younger ones, and for this very reason, this year we are committed to the creation of two special screenings two to bring the whole family to the theatre. Taking advantage of the imagery left by Vasco Granja, IndieJunior travels to Poland for a screening of shorts from the 60s that will bring together the parents and grandparents to watch the funniest stories. And because we’re in the middle of Spring, we invite all families to a special summer program: A film screening for everyone (Somewhere between Heaven and Earth) followed by a picnic on grass with lots of music, activities and fun!

TOUCH… to animate

Draw, paint and paste. Creating a book and learning how to turn drawings into movement is the challenge of the  Caras e Caretas and PLIM! Fez-se um filme workshops. Two moments organised by the Casa do Nic e Inês team that will teach parents and children to turn their stories into a fun animated book!

HEAR… to imitate

Did you know that your voice, your body and objects from home can make sounds for a film? That’s what we’re going to do at Cinema São Jorge, at theLevar o Som ao Cinema e Som, vamos ao cinema?workshops. Through our voice and radio techniques we will learn to imitate the sounds that give life to films! With the help of Sandy Gageiro, making sound for a film has never been so easy and fun!

FEEL… not to be ashamed

Shall we think outside the box? Act differentl, escape from the comfort zone, see from a new point of view … all this, through our body body and the theatricality of the movement. A workshop for parents and children alike who want to challenge themselves to try new things. Let’s test the limits between the everyday and the extraordinary, from very simple proposals, which will shuffle our system, rattle our neurons and forces us to wake up again! A workshop organised by Joana Pupo.