23 MAY — 02 JUNE 2024

23 MAY — 02 JUNE 2024

Here are the films of IndieLisboa 2019

There will be more than two hundred and fifty films telling the story of the 16th edition of IndieLisboa, between May 2nd and May 12th. A diverse program that looks into Brazilian cinematography, making it one of the highlights in the Independent Hero section; dedicates a retrospective to the great muse of French cinema, Anna Karina; highlights, among others, the singular work of the Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel duo in the Silvestre section; and compiles the most interesting recent production in the main sections and IndieJunior competitions. A program that aims to promote dialogue between different generations and geographies of cinema, to link the political, social and aesthetic urgencies of the world, and to simply celebrate and discover.

The screenings and schedule will be announced on April 18th, when online ticket open. On April 23rd, the central ticket office at Culturgest will start selling tickets as well.

Don’t miss out on the early bird vouchers at reduced prices until April 17th to save money on your tickets. More information available here.

† World Premiere



Mark Jenkin, United Kingdom, fic., 2018, 87’

De los nombres de las cabras/On the Names of the Goats†
Silvia Navarro, Miguel G. Morales, Spain, doc., 2019, 62’

De nuevo otra vez/Again Once Again
Romina Paula, Argentina, fic., 2019, 84’

Jessica Forever
Caroline Poggi, Jonathan Vinel, France, fic., 2018, 97’

Lost Holiday
Thomas Matthews, Michael Kerry Matthews, USA, fic., 2019, 75’

Ne travaille pas (1968 – 2018)/Don’t Work (1968-2018)
César Vayssié, França, doc., 2018, 88’

Shengze Zhu, USA/Hong Kong, doc., 2019, 124’

Să nu ucizi/Thou Shalt Not Kill
Gabi Virginia Șarga, Cătălin Rotaru, Romania, fic., 2018, 120’

So Pretty
Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli, USA, France, fic., 2019, 83’

Temporada/Long Way Home
André Novais Oliveira, Brasil, fic., 2018, 113’


A Million Years
Danech San, Cambodia, fic., 2018, 21’

Acid Rain
Tomek Popakul, Poland, anim., 2019, 26’

La bala de Sandoval/Sandoval’s Bullet
Jean-Jacques Martinod, Equador, doc./exp., 2018, 18’

The Curse of the Phantom Tympanum†
Graeme Cole, United Kingdom/France, fic., 2018, 28’

De longs discours dans vos cheveux/Words in Your Hairs
Alexandre Steiger, France, fic., 2018, 13’

D’un château l’autre/Castle to Castle
Emmanuel Marre, Belgium/France, doc., 2018, 41’

Dürrenwaid 8/Duerrenwaid 8
Ines Christine Geißer, Kirsten Carina Geißer, Germany, anim./doc./exp., 2018, 7’

Nikita Diakur, Germany, anim./exp., 2018, 3’

The Flood Is Coming
Gabriel Böhmer, United Kingdom, anim./exp., 2018, 9’

Paul Heintz, France, doc., 2018, 18’

The Girl With Two Heads
Betzabé Garcia, United Kingdom, exp., 2018, 13’

Gli Anni/The Years
Sara Fgaier, Italy/France, fic., 2018, 21’

Nara Normande, France/Brazil, anim., 2018, 14’

Huile sur vent/Oil on Wind
Alejandro Perez, Switzerland/Spain, doc., 2018, 20’

I Got My Things And Left
Philbert Aimé Mbabazi Sharangabo, Switzerland/Rwanda, fic., 2018, 22’

Les idées s’améliorent/The Plagiarist
Léo Richard, France, fic., 2018, 22’

Je sors acheter des cigarettes/I’m Going Out for Cigarettes
Osman Cerfon, France, anim., 2018, 14’

Life After Love
Zachary Epcar, USA, exp., 2018, 8’

Lunar-Orbit Rendezvous
Mélanie Charbonneau, Canada, fic., 2018, 15’

Jeron Braxton, USA, anim., 2018, 6’

Operation Jane Walk
Leonhard Müllner, Robin Klengel, Austria, exp., 2018, 16’

Past Perfect
Jorge Jácome, Portugal, fic., 2019, 23’

Les petites vacances/A Little Break
Louise Groult, France, fic., 2018, 25’

Princesa Morta do Jacuí/Dead Princess of Jacui
Marcela Ilha Bordin, Brazil, fic., 2018, 17’

The Sasha
María Molina Peiró, Holland, exp./doc., 2019, 20’

Suc de síndria/Watermelon
JuiceIrene Moray, Spain, fic., 2019, 22’

Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis, France, doc., 2018, 21’

Take me Please
Olivér Hegyi, Hungary, anim., 2018, 14’

Tombent les heures
Blanca Camell Galí, France, fic., 2018, 26’

Tonnerre sur mer/Thunder from the Sea
Yotam Ben-David, France, fic., 2018, 45’

Alex Boya, Canada, anim., 2018, 9’

Walled Unwalled
Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Germany, doc./exp., 2018, 21’



Ico Costa, Portugal/France/Argentina, fic., 2019, 98’

Tiago Hespanha, Portugal, doc., 2019, 100’

Margarida Gil, Portugal, fic., 2018, 103’

A Minha Avó Trelotótó†
Catarina Ruivo, Portugal, fic./doc., 2018, 178’

Júlio Alves, Portugal, doc., 2019, 65’

Tragam-me a Cabeça de Carmen M./Bring Me The Head of Carmen M.
Felipe Bragança, Catarina Wallenstein, Brazil/Portugal, fic., 2019, 60’

Tristeza e Alegria na Vida das Girafas/Sadness and Joy in the Life of Giraffes
Tiago Guedes, Portugal, fic., 2019, 109’


A Casa, a Verdadeira e a Seguinte, Ainda Está por Fazer/The House Is Yet To Be Built
Sílvia das Fadas, USA/Austria/Portugal, doc./exp., 2018, 35’

Welket Bungué, Portugal, fic., 2019, 24’

Bela Mandil
Helena Estrela, Portugal, fic., 2018, 16’

Em Caso de Fogo†
Tomás Paula Marques, Portugal, fic., 2019, 23’

Espectros da Terra†
Clara Pais, Daniel Fawcett, Portugal/United Kingdom, exp./fic., 2018, 4’

Estudos de Muybridge e Etc…/Studies of Muybridge and Etc…†
Júlio F. R. Costa, Portugal, anim./exp. 2018, 5’

Pedro Cabeleira, Portugal, fic., 2019, 15’

Fordlândia Malaise
Susana de Sousa Dias, Portugal, doc., 2019, 35’

Manel Raga Raga, Portugal/Spain/Bosnia and Herzegovina, fic./doc., 2018, 20’

Heatstroke (Insolação)/Heatstroke†
Edgar Morais, Portugal/USA, fic./exp., 2019, 8’

The Hood†
Patricia Vidal Delgado, Portugal/USA, fic., 2018, 10’

Os Inúteis/The Useless†
Rui Esperança, Portugal, fic., 2019, 21’

Invisível Herói/Invisible Hero†
Cristèle Alves Meira, Portugal/France, fic., 2019, 27’

O Mar Enrola na Areia
Catarina Mourão, Portugal, exp., 2019, 16’

Memória e Dicionário/Memory and Dictionary†
Paulo Lima, Portugal, doc., 2019, 50’

Past Perfect
Jorge Jácome, Portugal, fic., 2019, 23’

Poder Fantasma†
Afonso Mota, Portugal, fic., 2019, 23’



A Casa e os Cães/The House and the Dogs†
Madalena Fragoso, Margarida Meneses, Portugal, doc., 2019, 62’


Inês Luís, Portugal, fic., 2019, 22’

Catarina Mendes, Portugal, fic., 2019, 13’

O Braço do André/André’s Arm
Tomé Pereira, Portugal, doc., 2018, 7’

Beatriz Bagulho, Portugal/United Kingdom, anim., 2018, 4’

O Despiste/The Skid†
Francisco Noronha, Portugal, doc./fic., 2019, 28’

Bruno Carnide, Portugal, fic., 2019, 3’

Estas Mãos São Minhas†
André Miguel Ferreira, Portugal, doc., 2019, 8’

Há Dias Assim/Days Like This
Inês Delicioso, United Kingdom/Portugal, anim., 2018, 4’

História da Noite/Night Tale
Inês Nunes, Portugal, fic./exp., 2018, 16’

João Marques, Portugal, fic., 2018, 19’

Tatiana Ramos, Portugal, fic., 2019, 19’

Marta Salazar, Portugal, exp., 2018, 5’

Tu. Tu. Tu.†
Marcelo Tavares, Portugal, exp., 2019, 12’



3 Faces
Jafar Panahi, Iran, fic., 2018, 100’

Alice T.
Radu Muntean, Romania/France/Sweden, fic., 2018, 105’

Mikhaël Hers, France, fic., 2018, 107’

Lee Chang Dong, South Korea, fic., 2018, 148’

Entre dos aguas/Between Two Waters
Isaki Lacuesta, Spain/Switzerland/Romania, fic., 2018, 135’

The Grand Bizarre
Jodie Mack, USA, exp., 2018, 60’

Ich war zuhause, aber/I Was at Home, But
Angela Schanelec, Germany/Serbia, fic., 2019, 105’

L’île au trésor/Treasure Island
Guillaume Brac, France, doc., 2018, 97’

“Îmi este indiferent daca în istorie vom intra ca barbari”/”I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians”
Radu Jude, Romania/Czech Republic/France/ Bulgaria/Germany, fic., 2018, 140’

Os Jovens Baumann/The Young Baumanns
Bruna Carvalho Almeida, Brazil, fic./doc., 2018, 71’

Yolande Zauberman, France, doc., 2018, 106’

Mike Leigh, United Kingdom, fic., 2018, 154’

Helvécio Marins Jr., Brazil/Germany, fic./doc., 2019, 90’

A Rosa Azul de Novalis/The Blue Flower of Novalis
Gustavo Vinagre, Rodrigo Carneiro, Brazil, doc., 2019, 70’

Seus Ossos e Seus Olhos/Your Bones and Your Eyes
Caetano Gotardo, Brazil, fic., 2019, 118’

Sophia Antipolis
Virgil Vernier, France, fic., 2018, 98’

Tarde para morir joven/Too Late to Die Young
Dominga Sotomayor, Chile/Brazil/Argentina/Holland/Qatar, fic., 2018, 110’


A Fly in the Restaurant
Xi Chen, Xu An, China, anim., 2018, 6’

Apichatpong Weerasethakul, France/Thailand, fic., 2018, 13’

Bookanima: Dance
Shon Kim, South Korea/USA/Portugal, exp./doc./anim., 2018, 8’

Cairo Affaire
Mauro Andrizzi, Argentina, fic., 2019, 25’

David Bowie Is Dead
Mark Jenkin, United Kingdom, exp., 2018, 17’

Extra-Terrestrial-Ecologies (Retroflectors: the astronaut, the robot, the alien)
Ralo Mayer, Austria, doc./exp., 2018, 43’

Freedom of Movement
Maroan el Sani, Nina Fischer, Italy/Germany, doc./exp., 2018, 30’

Hard On
Joanna Rytel, Sweden, fic./doc., 2019, 19’

I Signed the Petition
Mahdi Fleifel, Germany/United Kingdom/Switzerland, exp., 2018, 11’

Lasting Marks
Charlie Lyne, United Kingdom, doc., 2018, 14’

Patricia Gélise, Nicolas Deschuyteneer, Belgium, fic., 2018, 15’

Our Africa
Alexander Markov, Russia, doc., 2018, 45’

Sete Anos em Maio/Seven Years in May
Affonso Uchôa, Brazil/Argentina, fic./doc., 2019, 42’

This is a Projection
John Wood, Paul Harrison, United Kingdom, exp., 2018, 5’

Vox Lipoma
Jane Magnusson, Liv Strömqvist, Sweden, anim., 2018, 11’

Wong Ping’s Fables 1
Wong Ping, Hong Kong, anim., 2018, 13’

Yellow Line
Simon Rouby, France, doc., 2018, 14’

Special Programmers Screening

Bigger Than Life
Adnan Softic, Gerany/Macedonia/Italy, doc., 2018, 30’

Mum’s Cards
Luke Fowler, United Kingdom, doc., 2018, 9’

Guillaume Lillo, France, fic./exp., 2018, 31’

Wyprawa do magicznego wodospadu/Journey To The Magic Waterfall
Bogna Kowalczyk, Poland, anim., 2018, 13’



Jonathan Vinel, France, 2012, 4′

After School Knife Fight
Caroline Poggi, Jonathan Vinel, France, fic., 2017, 21′

Caroline Poggi, France, exp./fic., 2012, 24′

Jessica Forever
Caroline Poggi, Jonathan Vinel, France, fic., 2018, 97’

Martin pleure/Martin Cries
Jonathan Vinel, France, fic./anim., 2017, 16′

Notre amour est assez puissant
Jonathan Vinel, France, anim., 2014, 9′

Notre heritage/Our Legacy
Caroline Poggi, Jonathan Vinel, France, fic., 2015, 24′

Jonathan Vinel, France, fic., 2011, 10′

Prince, puissance, souvenirs
Jonathan Vinel, France, fic., 2012, 10′

Tant qu’il nous reste des fusils à pompe/As Long as Shotguns Remain
Caroline Poggi, Jonathan Vinel, France, fic., 2014, 30′

Jonathan Vinel, Benjamin Hameury, France, fic., 2010, 7′


Zone W/O People
Oklou & Krampf Live AV Project



2nd Class
Jimmy Olsson, Sweden, fic., 2018, 14′

Robin Barriere, France, anim./fic., 2018, 6′

Emilie Pigeard, France/Belgium, anim., 2018, 9′

Maki Yoshikura, United Kingdom, anim., 2018, 4′

Cat Lake City
Antje Heyn, Germany, anim., 2019, 7′

Drachenhoehle/Dragon’s Nest
Lynn Gerlach, Switzerland, anim., 2018, 7′

Julia Ocker, Germany, anim., 2018, 4′

Gröna Grodan/The Tale of the Tiny Frog
Felicia Bergström, Germany, anim., 2018, 4′

Há Dias Assim/Days Like This
Inês Delicioso, United Kingdom/Portugal, anim., 2018, 4’

Hors piste
Léo Brunel, Loris Cavalier, Camille Jalabert, Oscar Mallet, France, anim., 2018, 6′

Il s’est passé quelque chose
Anne Larricq, France, anim., 2018, 8′

Inglitrompet/Angel’s Trumpet
Martinus Klemet, Estonia, anim., 2019, 2′

La Jupe d’Adam/Adam’s Skirt
Clément Trehin Lalanne, France, fic., 2018, 11′

Le Refuge de l’écureuil/Home Sweet Home
Chaitane Conversat, France/Switzerland, anim., 2018, 13′

Die Lupe
Nazgol Emami, Germany, anim./fic., 2017, 10′

Mahalia Melts in the Rain
Emilie Mannering, Carmine Pierre-Dufour, Canada, fic., 2018, 11′

Miam Miam/Yum Yum
Mathilde Pepinster, Belgium, anim., 2018, 2′

Miles Away
Barbara Brunner, Sweden, anim., 2018, 4′

Sonja Rohleder, Germany, anim., 2019, 4′

Nuit chérie/Sweat Night
Lia Bertels, Belgium, anim., 2019, 14′

L’oiseau fute/The Clever Bird
Gaëtan Borde, France, anim., 2018, 3′

Atle Blakseth, Einar Dunsæd, Norway, anim., 2019, 8′

Leonid Shmelkov, Estonia, anim., 2017, 3′

La plongeuse/The DiverIulia
Voitova, France, anim., 2018, 4′

Pouštět draka/The Kite
Martin Smatana, Czech Republic/ Slovakia/Poland, anim., 2019, 13′

Pužić slikar/Snail the Painter
Manuela Vladić-Maštruko, Croatia, anim., 2018, 8′

Récit de soi/Oneself Story
Géraldine Charpentier, Belgium, anim./doc., 2018, 5′

Christian Zetterberg, Sweden, fic., 2018, 6′

The Swimming Lesson
Tatyana Okruzhnova, Russia, anim., 2017, 3′

Sykkelfugl/Bike Bird
Kari Klyve-Skaug, Odveig Klyve, Norway, fic., 2018, 15′

Tada Kongjonrak, USA, anim., 2017, 3′

Things You Can Do With Extendable Arms
Luca Paulli, United Kingdom/Italy, anim., 2018, 2′

Antoine Marchand, Benoit de Geyer d’Orth, Fabien Meyran, Paul-Eugéne Dannaud, France, anim., 2018, 2’

Die Vogelhochzeit/The Bird Wedding
Jana Geisler, Germany, anim., 2017, 7’

O Último Dia de Outono/Le dernier jour d’automne
Marjolaine Perreten, Switzerland, Belgium, France, anim., 2019, 7

Principe Ki-Ki-Do: A Toupeira Mineira/Prince Ki-Ki-Do: Mole, the Miner
Grega Mastnak, Slovania, anim., 2018, 5‘

Principe Ki-Ki-Do: Superdo/Prince Ki-Ki-Do: Superdo
Grega Mastnak, Slovania, anim., 2018, 5‘

Um Dia Nublado/Cloudy
Zuzana Cupova, Filip Diviak, Czech Republic, anim., 2018, 5’

Poland is so much fun

Maluch/O Carro Bebé
Lucjan Dembińsk, Poland, anim., 1965, 8’

Niespodzianka/A Surpresa
Teresa Badzian, Poland, anim., 1965, 11’

Jadwiga Kędzierzawska, Poland, anim., 1967, 10’

Piesek w kratkę/O Cão aos Quadrados
Zofia Ołdak, Poland, anim., 1968, 8’

Gapiszon w cyrku/O Gaspar vai ao Circo
Jerzy Kotowski, Poland, anim., 1968, 9’

Kundelek/O Pequeno Rafeiro
Lidia Hornicka, Poland, anim., 1969, 6’



Jean-Luc Godard, France/Italy, fic., 1965, 99′

Pierre Koralnik, France, fic., 1967, 87′

Bande à part/Band of Outsiders
Jean-Luc Godard, France, fic., 1964, 95′

Chinesisches Roulette/Chinese Roulette
Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Germany/France, fic., 1976, 86′

Haut, bas, fragile/Up, Down, Fragile
Jacques Rivette, France/Switzerland, fic., 1995, 169’

George Cukor, USA, fic., 1969, 116’

Made in USA
Jean-Luc Godard, France, fic., 1966, 90’

Michael Kohlhaas, der rebell/Man on Horseback
Volker Schlöndorff , Germany, fic., 1969, 99’

Le petit soldat/The Little Soldier
Jean-Luc Godard, France, fic., 1963, 88’

Pierrot le fou
Jean-Luc Godard, France/Italy, fic., 1965, 110’

La religieuse/The Nun
Jacques Rivette, France, fic., 1966, 140’

Le soldatesse/The Camp Followers
Valerio Zurlini, Italy/France/Germany/, fic., 1965, 120’

Lo straniero/The Stranger
Luchino Visconti, Italy/France/Argelia, fic., 1967, 104’

Treasure Island
Raoul Ruiz, Reino Unido/França/EUA, fic., 1985, 115’

Une femme est une femme/A Woman is a Woman
Jean-Luc Godard, France/Italy, fic., 1961, 85’

Vivre ensemble/Living Together
Anna Karina, France, fic., 1973, 92’

Vivre sa vie/My Life to Live
Jean-Luc Godard, France, fic., 1962, 83’


Anna Karina souviens-toi
Dennis Berry, France, doc., 2017, 54′

Anticipation ou l’amour en an 2000
Jean-Luc Godard, France, fic., 1967, 20′

Les fiancés du pont Mac Donald ou (méfiez-vous des lunettes noires)/Beware of Dark Sunglasses
Agnès Varda, France, fic., 1961, 5′

Pigen og skoene/La jeune filles aux souliers
Ib Schmedes, Denmark, fic., 1959, 11’

Présentation ou Charlotte et son steak
Éric Rohmer, France, fic., 1960, 12’



Divino Amor/Divine Love
Gabriel Mascaro, Brazil/Norway/Switzerland/ Uruguay/France/Chile, fic., 2019, 140′

Clara Linhart, Fellipe Barbosa, Brazil/France, fic., 2018, 95′

Brunna Laboissière, Brazil, doc., 2018, 89′

Democracia em vertigem/The Edge of Democracy
Petra Costa, Brazil, doc., 2019, 122′

Os Jovens Baumann/The Young Baumanns*
Bruna Carvalho Almeida, Brazil, fic./doc., 2018, 71′

No Coração do Mundo/In the Heart of the World
Maurilio Martins, Gabriel Martins, Brazil, fic., 2019, 121′

A Noite Amarela/The Yellow Night**
Ramon Porto Mota, Brazil, fic., 2019, 98′

Helvécio Marins Jr., Brazil/Germany, fic./doc., 2019, 90′

A Rosa Azul de Novalis/The Blue Flower of Novalis*
Gustavo Vinagre, Rodrigo Carneiro, Brazil, doc., 2019, 70′

Seus Ossos e Seus Olhos/Your Bones and Your Eyes*
Caetano Gotardo, Brazil, fic., 2019, 118′

Temporada/Long Way Home***
André Novais Oliveira, Brazil, fic., 2018, 113′

Tragam-me a Cabeça de Carmen M./Bring Me The Head of Carmen M.****
Felipe Bragança, Catarina Wallenstein, Brazil/ Portugal, exp./fic., 2019, 60′


Nara Normande, France/Brazil, anim., 2018, 14’

Lucas Lazarini, Brazil, doc., 2018, 23′

Mais Triste que Chuva num Recreio de Colégio/Sadder than Playtime on a Rainy Day
Lobo Mauro, Brazil, doc./exp., 2018, 14′

Plano Controle
Juliana Antunes, Brazil, fic., 2018, 16′

Primeiro Ato/First Act
Matheus Parizi, Brazil, fic., 2018, 20′

Princesa Morta do Jacuí/Dead Princess of Jacui***
Marcela Ilha Bordin, Brazil, fic., 2018, 17′

Fábio Leal, Brazil, fic., 2018, 15′

Sete Anos em Maio/Seven Years in May*
Affonso Uchôa, Brazil/Argentina, fic./doc., 2019, 42′

Tea for Two/Tea for Two
Julia Katharine, Brazil, fic., 2018, 25′

Os Últimos Românticos†
João Cândido Zacharias, Brazil, fic., 2019, 12′

Rafael Urban, Brazil, doc., 2019, 27′

* Also part of the Silvestre section
** Also part of the Mouth of Madness section
*** Also part of the International Competition section
**** Also part of the National Competion



Ama Romanta – Uma Utopia que Fazia Discos
Vasco Bação, Portugal, doc., 2019, 120′

A Bright Light – Karen and the Process
Emmanuelle Antille, Switzerland, doc., 2018, 93’

Um Punk Chamado Ribas/A Punk Called Ribas†
Paulo Miguel Antunes, Portugal, doc., 2019, 107’

August at Akiko’s
Christopher Makoto Yogi, USA, fic., 2018, 75’

Batida de Lisboa/Lisbon Beat†
Rita Maia, Vasco Viana, Portugal, doc., 2019, 78’

Ela É Uma Música†
Francisca Marvão, Portugal, doc., 2019, 90’

Fire Music
Tom Surgal, USA, doc., 2018, 68’

John and Yoko: Above Us Only Sky
Michael Epstein, United Kingdom, doc., 2018, 90’

Kirill Serebrennikov, Russia/France, fic., 2018, 126’

Miles Davis: Birth Of The Cool
Stanley Nelson, United Kingdom, doc., 2019, 115’

Parallel Planes
Nicole Wegner, Germany, doc., 2017, 100’

Teddy Pendergrass: If You Don’t Know Me
Olivia Lichtenstein, United Kingdom, doc., 2019, 106’

We Intend to Cause Havoc†
Gio Arlotta, Czech Republic, doc., 2019, 90’

Where Does A Body End?†
Marco Porsia, Canada, doc., 2019, 125’

Special Screening: Kino-Pop Archive

1 – Pedro Ayres de Magalhães
Edgar Pêra, Portugal, doc., 2019, 30’

4 – Manuel João Vieira & Os Irmãos Catita
Edgar Pêra, Portugal, doc., 2019, 30’

13 – Farinha Master
Edgar Pêra, Portugal, doc., 2019, 30’

Special Screening: Rollana Beat Videos

Apparently Singing the Wrong Words
Luis Lázaro, Portugal, music video, 2019, 6’

Big Sneeze
Renata Sancho, Portugal, music video, 2019, 3’

Leonor Noivo, Portugal, music video, 2019, 4’

Vasco Reis Ruivo, Portugal, music video, 2019, 2’

Expire Date
Ostraliana, Portugal, music video, 2019, 3’

Garbage Grows For Our Distractions
Dedo Mau, Portugal, music video, 2019, 4’

Bruno Borges, Portugal, music video, 2019, 4’

He Ain’t Got Rhythm!
Gonçalo Duarte, Portugal, music video, 2019, 5’

Jack Plays Trombone at the Underground Station
Inês Oliveira, Portugal, music video, 2019, 3’

Just What the Doctor Ordered
Edgar Pêra, Portugal, music video, 2019, 6’

Murdering Raymond Scott
Aya Koretzky, Portugal, music video, 2019, 4’

Revolutionary Dogs
Xavier Almeida, Portugal, music video,, 4’

Western Spaghetti
Isabel Aboim Inglez, Portugal, music video, 2019, 4’



Be Natural: The Untold Story Of Alice Guy-Blaché
Pamela B. Green, USA, doc., 2018, 103’

En fumée/A Smoky Season
Quentin Papapietro, France, fic., 2018, 75’

Film catastrophe
Paul Grivas, France, doc., 2018, 54’

Introduzione all’oscuro
Gastón Solnicki, Argentina/Austria, doc., 2018, 71’

Invest in Failure (Notes on Film 06-C, Monologue 03)
Norbert Pfaffenbichler, Austria, exp., 2018, 63’

Nice Girls Don’t Stay for Breakfast
Bruce Weber, USA, doc., 2018, 80’

Romantic Comedy
Elizabeth Sankey, United Kingdom, doc., 2019, 79’


America’s Grandpa
Mark Rappaport, France/USA, doc., 2018, 31’

L’espace commun/The Common Space
Raphaële Bezin, France, exp., 2018, 10’

Three Casualties
Jens Pecho, Germany, exp., 2018, 7’

Toi qui!/You Who!
Angelini Claire, France/Germany, exp., 2018, 17’

Em Contexto

Angel Face
Otto Preminger, USA, fic., 1953, 91′

Anna Karina souviens-toi
Dennis Berry, France, doc., 2017, 54’

Antoine et Colette
François Truffaut, France, fic., 2019, 32’

Les résultats du féminisme/The Consequences of Feminis
Alice Guy Blaché, France, fic., 1906, 7’

Trouble in Paradise
Ernst Lubitsch, USA, fic., 1932, 83’



Braquer Poitiers/Car Wash
Claude Schmitz, France, fic., 2018, 60’

Cassandro, el Exotico!/Cassandro, the Exotico
Marie Losier, France, doc., 2018, 73’

Coincoin et les Z’inhumains/Coincoin and the Extra-Humans
Bruno Dumont, France, fic., 2018, 200’

Flesh Memory
Jacky Goldberg, France, doc., 2018, 59’

Sam de Jong, USA, fic., 2019, 88’

In Fabric
Peter Strickland, United Kingdom, fic., 2018, 118’

Make Me Up
Rachel Maclean, United Kingdom, exp., 2018, 85’

A Noite Amarela/The Yellow Night
Ramon Porto Mota, Brazil, fic., 2019, 98’

Nina Paley, USA, anim., 2018, 78’


A la poursuite du lapin blanc/Follow the White Rabbid
Meat Dept, France, anim., 2018, 3’

David Barlow-Krelina, Canada, anim., 2018, 5’

Chowboys: An American Folktale
Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy, Conor Sweeney, Jeremy Gillespie, Steven Kostanski, Canada, fic., 2018, 9’

Trevor Anderson, USA, exp., 2019, 4’

Egg Touching
Peter Millard, United Kingdom, anim., 2018, 2’

Food Chain
Mari Kivi, Liis Kokk, Estonia, anim., 2018, 9’

Guy Proposes to His Girlfriend on a Mountain
Bernhard Wenger, Austria, fic., 2019, 13’

Sasha Svirsky, Russia, anim., 2017, 2’

The Procedure 2
Calvin Lee Reeder, USAA, fic., 2019, 3’

Right Place, Wrong Time
Eros Vlahos, United Kingdom, fic., 2018, 6’

Slug Life
Sophie Koko Gate, United Kingdom, anim., 2018, 7’

Christophe M. Saber, France/Switzerland, fic., 2018, 20’

Wijnwijven/Wine Wenches
Esther Heerikhuisen, Holland, anim., 2018, 3

Special Screenings


The Apartment
Billy Wilder, USA, fic., 1960, 125’

The Beach Bum
Harmony Korine, USA/Switzerland/United Kingdom/France, fic., 2019, 96’

Donzela Guerreira/Damsel Warrior
Marta Pessoa, Portugal, fic., 2019, 74’

Monólogos com a História/Monologues with History
Sol de Carvalho, Portugal, fic., 2019, 20’

Ivo M. Ferreira, Portugal, fic., 2019, 90’

Nadav Lapid, France/Israel/Germany, fic., 2019, 123’

Sou Autor Do Meu Nome Mia Couto/I Am the Author of My Name Mia Couto
Solveig Nordlund, Portugal, doc., 2019, 52’

Um Ramadão em Lisboa/A Ramadan in Lisbon
Amaya Sumpsi, Carlos Lima, Catarina Alves Costa, Joana Lucas, Raquel Carvalheira, Teresa Costa, Portugal, doc., 2019, 66’

Margarida Cardoso, Portugal, doc., 2019, 81’

Macau Focus
20 years later

Cat Security
Lou Ka Choi, Macau, anim., 2018, 4’

The Cricket Dynasty
Chang Seng Pong, Macau, doc., 2018, 45’

G.D.P.: Grandmas’ Dangerous Project
Peeko Wong, Macau, fic., 2018, 21’

Hotel Império/Empire Hotel
Ivo M. Ferreira, Portugal/Macau, fic., 2018, 82’

Rabbit Meets Crocodile
Sam Kin Hang, Macau, anim., 2018, 4’

Mak Kit Wai, Macau, fic., 2018, 15’