27 APRIL — 07 MAY 2023

The 3rd session of Cineclube IndieLisboa 2019 is happening now in Torres Vedras

The third session of Cineclube IndieLisboa 2019 started today, at 10:30am, when the israeli document “In My Room”, by Ayelet Albenda, is being exhibited.

The session is happening at Escola Secundária Madeira Torres, in Torres Vedras.

About the film:

Between millions of videos on Youtube, it’s some diaries of six teenagers that wanted to open to the world how is living their lives. All of them choose cameras instead of diaries to tell their most funny, sad, confusing and simple stories. And we follow them for years by watching their videos. They’re not Youtubers or webstars, just young people that speaks to everyone who want to listen.

Watch the trailer here.