Valerio’s Day Out

Michael Arcos

IndieLisboa 2020 •

Colombia, United States, Experimental, Fiction, 2019, 9′

Made in VHS and with YouTube images, this is a story of a sympathetic serial killer: a jaguar named Valerio. When he escaped the New Orleans zoo, he killed several animals. After being captured he decides to make a video diary for his significant other. 

Valerio is one of two jaguars in a zoo. One day he escapes and goes one a killing spree. He kills five alpacas, three foxes and one emu before being captured and sedated. In this sedated state Valerio makes a video diary to his significant other, the other jaguar named Lula. Valerio misses Lula and hopes to see her again. (Rui Mendes)