The Heart is a Drum

Jacob Frössén

IndieLisboa 2020 •

Sweden, Documentary, 2019, 74′

The German musician Klaus Dinger was one of the founders of NEU! and a drummer for Kraftwerk. He was also one of the creators for the Motorik beat, that influenced much of the German experimental music of the 60’s and 70’s and later artists and bands like Iggy Pop, Joy Division or Primal Scream. Jacob Frössén goes after Dinger’s story and the hypothesis that behind the creation of that famous beat there was a failed loved affair.   

The definition of the legendary german drummer Klaus Dinger’s apache beat could be the melodic pattern that outcomes from the infinite 4:4 loop; if we only used these words, we would reduce his music to its more mechanic sense. Through images as unusual (or even more) than Dinger himself, and the distinctive voice of Kim Gordon guiding us through these images, we are invited to uncover the love story that influenced some of the most important bands of the German rock scene from the 70s. The Heart is a Drum is not only a film about Dinger’s creative process through bands as Kraftwerk and Neu!, but also about the love (and the lack of it) that fed it. (Filipa Henriques)