Juan Soto Taborda

IndieLisboa 2021 •

Colombia, United Kingdom, Documentary, Experimental, 2020, 29′

A film that results from a conversation that the director has with his mother in which he asks about the day he was born, opening an intimate door not only for the relationship between mother and son, but for the life experience of this woman.

Editor, archivist, filmmaker, and son. In Revelations, Juan Soto Taborda brings together multiple attributes of himself and puts them at the service of a documentary, in essence, about his mother. From a seemingly banal phone call, a daily gesture of conversation with the person who brought us into the world, stories of episodes in her life overflow which, little by little, carry the spectator on a journey through the past and the present of this matriarch of infinite sweetness. A beautiful film-gesture, driven by generosity and curiosity. (Ana David)