Burning Night

Eryk Rocha

IndieLisboa 2020 •

Brazil, France, Argentina, Fiction, 2019, 98′

Paulo cannot afford to pay alimony to his ex-wife. In order to be able to see his son again, he starts working at night as a taxi driver in Rio de Janeiro. Through the windows of the car, through the stories of his passengers, starts the journey and autopsy of a city. A city where the sun only arrives through a mirage. Nocturnal existences, tired shadows, solitude and silence that observe. Fabrício Boliveira won the acting prize at Rio Film Festival.

Left to his own fate, Paulo, recently divorced, starts working as a taxi driver to survive in the big city and pay his 10-year-old son’s pension. While driving through the endless nights of Rio de Janeiro, we follow him in the interior of his taxi, where passengers who connect more intensely with Paulo’s history pass by. In this dark and throbbing chronicle, the unpredictability of the night occupies the fore­front of the film, where oscillating and claustrophobic images work as a vehicle for an­guish.

In this eighth feature film by Eryk Rocha, strolling between fiction and documentary, the director films the streets of Rio de Janeiro as a dark and decadent space, and where hope is only reborn inside the taxi, when new passengers help Paulo overtake loneliness and the urban chaos inherent to his night work. Only these characters can bring love and happiness back into Paulo’s life. (Inês Lima Torres)