A Vida Dura Muito Pouco – Celebrando a Obra de José Pinhal

Dinis Leal Machado

IndieLisboa 2020 •

Portugal, Documentary, 2020, 23′

In the eighties, José Pinhal recorded a couple of cassettes and then he was forgotten. It was only in 2000 that people started to listen to his music again, turning him into a myth of the popular Portuguese music.

José Pinhal was a stranger in the crowd: a mysterious musician from Santa Cruz do Bispo that only left us a few songs for us to imagine his life. We are left with his delicate word and what, with it, José sings to us: tales of unrequited love for a woman with long hair and red lips. José Pinhal’s repertoire is an endless ode to love, to summer, to forgiveness. If love is endless in his music, José lives now forever in A Vida Dura Muito Pouco, our belated recognition. (Filipa Henriques)