Rising Sun Blues

A first feature film that engages in a process of knowledge sharing between two women with different occupations — sex work and cinematographic work — that try to start a dialogue, while both filming and allowing themselves to be filmed.


A protest told from the perspective of the oppressors. In 1970s Poland, rising prices caused workers to strike and street protests grew, creating unbearable tension. The viewer is, however, listening to telephone conversations (which paint the picture of the moment with the help of animations) of the men that are deciding how to suppress the rebellion.

Goodbye Jérôme!

Jérôme arrives in Paradise with the sole desire of finding his wife, Maryline. His quest takes him through a space that seems totally surreal to him, but only he has the power to find his direction.

Phantom Project

Pablo still hasn’t fulfilled his dream of being an actor in a film, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to pay the rent. His solution, for now, is to be a “simulated” patient in medical schools, to train future doctors, and in alternative therapy sessions. It’s urgent that he gets out of this rut. When his housemate disappears, leaving a ghost behind, Pablo rolls up his sleeves to take charge of his life.


A film dedicated to the career of violinist, improviser, instrumentalist and composer Carlos “Zingaro”, who is one of the most important names in Portuguese experimental music, as well as one of the great figures of European improvised music.

Waters of Pastaza

It is along the Pastaza River, which travels from Ecuador to Peru, that we find the Achuar community that Inês T. Alves visited, without necessarily intending to make a film. But the curiosity and independence of the children she met — fluent in fishing, cooking or crafts — resulted in this documentary.


A film about something as seemingly simple as the issue of measurement reveals something insidious about the existing systems. And a line is drawn between the standardization of how something is measured to systems of power, democracies and censorship

At Least I’ve Been Outside

The director is close to a nudist beach with his camera, looking for someone who wants to be filmed. The search is not easy.


Simon is successful. Simon is a photographer. Simon has the life he wants. Until he starts seeing cucumbers everywhere.

The Days In Our Life

There aren’t enough hours in the day for everything Lena has and would love to do. In a bakery at dawn, in a supermarket during the rest of the day, nothing seems secure enough to keep her afloat. And then there’s her daughter. And her grief. Who she is fades away a little.

Bird in the Peninsula

A hypnotic film that starts with a group of young men dancing, trying to follow the teacher’s instructions. An initiation ritual forbidden to girls. Even if one is peeking.

Anonymous Club

Courtney Barnett, a leading figure in Australian contemporary rock and usually very private, is the focus of this intimate, almost suffocating, portrait of an artist who reveals herself in all her vulnerability and anxiety. Danny Cohen takes out his 16mm camera to follow Barnett over three years — on tour and in the studio, recording her latest album — as she narrates the documentary herself, through small audio notes that punctuate the film.

Cesária Évora

The “barefoot diva”, the iconic Cesária Évora in a documentary that shows never-before-seen footage and offers a never-before-explored view of the life of the Cape Verdean singer who, though not corresponding to the normal model of success, was able to overcome all the conditions that would normally keep her out of the limelight. This is the story of a black African woman, over fifty years old and from a poor background, whose only dream was to be free.


The detours from the title are more like treasure-hunts to which Denis subjects his clients, who only want the stashes of drugs he’s hiding in the melancholic landscapes of Moscow. Everywhere is a place he could add to this game, although we lose sight of this naughty guide to visit other figures that populate the city. Between the anonymity of the Darknet and policing and oppression, this city contains multiple dimensions.

An Ambush in Suspense

The intriguing presentation of a series of objects — such as white plastic chairs — that are placed before the spectator before being destroyed in unusual ways, as with trees collapsing on top of them.

Batida apresenta: The Almost Perfect Dj

When the dance floors were still taken for granted, Pedro Coquenão (also known as Batida) begins with a satirical portrait of a(n almost) perfect DJ, then takes us on a tour of the alternative music scene of a multicultural Lisbon.


With the compositional precision of a Wes Anderson, Samir Karahoda shows us a post-war Kosovo and the determination of two table tennis players, with ambitions to contribute to the national representation at the Olympic Games, who struggle with the lack of conditions.

Becoming Male in the Middle Ages

What makes something natural or artificial? Two couples are dealing with fertility issues, but not in a conventional way. Mirene and André, Carl and Vicente are characters exploring what it’s like to build a biological family.