23 MAY — 02 JUNE 2024

23 MAY — 02 JUNE 2024

Na Corda Bamba After Party

MAY 25, SAT, 22:00  ::  Tickets: 8,00€ online / 10,00€ at the door

Adriana Sá and Pedro Melo Alves, two contemporary Portuguese sound artists will run a night of experimentation, performance and sonic dimensions. Followed by a special dj set.

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22:00 Doors open

22:30 Adriana Sá + Pedro Melo Alves 

Dj set to confirm soon!

Adriana Sá is transdisciplinary artist, performer musician/ composer. She considers that music involves vision and space, beyond audition. In 1998 she started using sensor technologies to explore sound connected to light, space, movement, architecture, weather and social context. Since 2008 she workes with an audio-visual instrument that has been morphing through multiple versions, until today. It includes a zither and a software that operates based on the zither sound, extending the physical space to a digital 3D world.

Playful with these ingredients, the musical dramaturgy emerges through the discovery of unexpected sonorities and textures. It interlaces moments of delicacy and sonic density, unfolding ambivalences and surprising turnarounds. The experience of time is choreographed through recognizable and unrecognizable sounds, flashes, and a moving stage set painting that reacts to sound.

Solo, Pedro Melo Alves brings a sensorial narrative of extended percussion, electronics and synchronized visuals.Searching for a vivid and present flow, the musician embraces a plastic relationship of fragmentation, fusion and metamorphosis of the sinuous and disturbing borders that reveal the frailty of ego and control. Presence and absence, identity and dissipation, reality and virtuality, solitude and collectivity.The urgent speech of percussion and lights feeds this abstract sphere of clashes. Fracture and boom.

In the end, maybe the dissolution of control and the meeting of all, in one.

Pedro Melo Alves is one of the most prominent drummers and composers in the recent avant-garde music scene in Portugal. Explorer of the expanded possibilities of percussion, improviser, ambitious composer for small and large formations, his work is known for the exploratory attitude and for boldy intersectioning different aesthetic circuits from jazz and erudite, to electronic, experimental and rock music.