01 MAY — 11 MAY 2024

01 MAY — 11 MAY 2024

Nome After Party

MAY 27, MON, 22:30  :: Free admission

Following the release of the film NOME, Risi Film and Lx Filmes present an evening dedicated to the music of West Africa with performances by DJs Irmãos Makossa, a kora concert by Mbye Ebrima, and a performance by DJ Fella Ayala.

Related film: Nome, by Sana Na N’hada (Rizoma)

22h30 –  23h00 DJset Irmãos Makossa
23h00 – 23h30: Mbye Ebrima (kora concert)
23h30 – 1h30:  DJset  Fella Ayala

Irmãos Makossa

Two friends, researchers of African music from the 70s and its influences, who joined forces in 2008 to combine their musical tastes and share their knowledge with the public. The DJ sets of IRMÃOS MAKOSSA tell the story of a journey through Africa and how Africa has influenced the world of music.

Mbye Ebrima 

Mbye Ebrima is a kora player from Gambia, currently living in Lisbon, who is distinguished by his sensitivity, eclecticism, and dedication to promoting Mandé culture abroad. He was born in Jarra Soma, a small multi-ethnic village located on the banks of the lower Gambia River. Mbye comes from a long family tradition of jalis – praise singers, storytellers, and kora players. While he inherited from his mother, the jalimuso Jabou Suso, the talent for singing and recitation, he developed his formidable kora technique under the guidance of his father, the jali Alagi Mbye, one of the most famous kora players in Gambia.

Fella Ayala 

Half Portuguese, half Angolan, living in Macau for 13 years, embodies all three cultures. Ayala wants people to dance together as if at a ball.