Images of Writing: Lisboa 5L festival with IndieLisboa

The Images of Writing Cycle, an initiative by the international festival of Portuguese literature and language Lisboa 5L in partnership with IndieLisboa, shows five films in which the use and form of the epistolary letter, its writing process and its verbalisation are far from being a resource that’s just employed in order to overcome narrative difficulties. On the contrary, in this cycle one can witness the inventiveness of five filmmakers who set out to dramatize written correspondence, either between friends, family or lovers, and through it creates strategies conductive to the production of meaning, character development and dramatic construction.

Cartas da Guerra, Ivo M. Ferreira
Correspondências, Rita Azevedo Gomes
I Fidanzati, Ermanno Olmi
Love Letter, Kinuyo Tanaka
News From Home, Chantal Akerman