The best of Jan Soldat now available online

Some Jan Soldat films are already available on Vimeo OnDemand, including “LAW and ORDER” (ZUCHT und ORDNUNG, in German), from 2012 and exhibited at Silvestre section of IndieLisboa 2015. Jan Soldat was prominent of the Silvestre section that year – the special place for movies that challenge the standards and limits of film, as well as the topics raised in his films.

The German documentary filmmaker, born in 1984, is perhaps one of the few to challenge these same rules when portraying our private lives. In this case, those of German citizens and couples of all ages through documentaries that unveil one of our biggest taboos: sex and pleasure in BDSM relationships, as well as their connections to power relations and German political history — either through artificial prisons created by themselves or people who find their personal vocation in games of slavery, pain and ecstasy.

Click on the links below to watch his available films:

ZUCHT und ORDNUNG (LAW and ORDER) (9min, 2012)

Der Unfertige / The Incomplete (48min, 2013)

Ein Wochenende In Deutschland / A weekend in Germany (25min, 2013)

HAPPY HAPPY BABY (19min, 2017)

Protokolle / Protocols (20min, 2017)