Projecto “Short Film of the Year”

We are delighted to participate in the foundation of a new award that celebrates excellence in the short film world. IndieLisboa has always shown great affection for short films and now joins with other festivals across the world that share the same view by founding an International platform: Short Film of the Year. In the end-of-year awards for films the short film is often neglected and the ‘Short of the Year’ intends to draw attention to these works. IndieLisboa will join 36 other festivals in five continents, determining what festival programmers consider the most notable short of the past 12 months.

The ‘Short of the Year’ is a project of the Short Film Conference, an international organization of festivals and agencies dedicated to promoting short films. Short-listed films will be announced on December 10th and the Short Film Conference ‘Short of the Year 2015’ will be announced on December 22nd, International Short Film Day.