01 MAY — 11 MAY 2024

01 MAY — 11 MAY 2024

Sisters with Transistors

Lisa Rovner

United Kingdom / France
2020, 84'

A healthy historical review, narrated by Laurie Anderson, that puts “girls to the front” when it comes to the impact and contributions of women in the history of electronic music. The contributions of the experiments by Clara Rockmore, Daphne Oram, Bebe Barron, Delia Derbyshire, Maryanne Amacher, Pauline Oliveros, Wendy Carlos, Eliane Radigue, Suzanne Ciani and Laurie Spiegel are mapped throughout this documentary – contextualizing their work regarding the political, cultural and social movements of the 20th century.

The female presence in the history of electronic music is still a history of silence — Sisters with Transistors is a film that comes to us as a cry of presence that we need to hear with ears wide open. These untold stories — Clara Rockmore’s work with the theremin, sometimes camouflaged by her elegance; Delia Derbyshire’s delicate strength in the BBC Radio backroom; the modular systems of Suzanne Ciani, among many others — come to us as a map of the strong female presence in the beginnings of what we know today as electronic music. A great, unmissable story that unfolds the connection between visionary women and their machines, and how they redefined the boundaries of music. (Filipa Henriques)



Sisters with Transistors
Lisa Rovner
Laurie Anderson, Bebe Barron, Suzanne Ciani, Delia Derbyshire, Laurie Spiegel
David Crane, Martin Schulz, Johan Winstedt
Michael Aaglund, Mariko Montpetit, Kara Blake
Anna Lena Vaney, Marcus Werner Hed


Lisa Rovner is an artist and filmmaker based in London. All of her creative projects, ranging from short films, music videos, ads and art exhibitions are strung together by a fascination with archives and sound, and her underlying aspiration to transform politics and philosophy into cinematographic spectacle. Rovner has collaborated with some of the most internationally respected artists and brands, including Maison Margiela and Acne. Currently, she is developing an episodic comedy about the art world and a television series about revolutionary architecture. Sisters with Transistors is her first feature documentary.