27 APRIL — 07 MAY 2023



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After the year when the world stopped, Barcelo’s Solar Corona took advantage of the end of lockdown to return to the stage. The camera snakes between them, in a different concert format.

Caudal is a film about an unrepeatable concert by Solar Corona. It will never happen again because some songs no longer exist or because others songs will never be played by the band in the same way. We follow the before, during and after the concert that was one of the first to happen in Portugal after the first pandemic confinement, in June 2020. The concert was the return to the stages of the band from Barcelos dedicated to the cosmic paths parallel to progressive rock (here, we can see on stage Rodrigo Carvalho, José Roberto Gomes, Peter Carvalho and Nuno Loureiro). Filmed in a improvised uncut sequence shot, it is an immersive documentary that also aims to address the simplicity of documenting and assuming error, in a raw and direct narrative. This film also marks the return for the second consecutive year of the director Luís Sobreiro to IndieLisboa, after having presented in 2020, Ricardo, a film about the universe of the Sensible Soccers band. (Helena César)



Luís Sobreiro is a director and director of photography, with a focus on documentary and music videos, in which music has an important mark. After studying cinematography at ESCAC, in Barcelona, in 2020 he directed the film Ricardo (in competition at IndieMusic, IndieLisboa, and selected for Curtas Vila do Conde and Porto/Post/Doc) and also 3 film-clips for musical projects of artists Jonathan Saldanha, Gustavo Costa and Stereoboy.