27 APRIL — 07 MAY 2023

Double warm-up

To celebrate IndieLisboa 2023 first announcement and the two decades of the festival, next weekend we will have a double warm-up, that will ocuppy two great venues in the Greater Lisbon area, in Marvila and Parede, in two consecutive days: on Friday, March 10, we will be at Musa de Marvila; on Saturday, the 11th, at SMUP – Sociedade Musical União Paredense.

March 10, 9 pm
Musa de Marvila
Screening of the film Ela é uma Música by Francisca Marvão, presented by the director.
Dj set by HellAna, composed by IndieMusic programmers Ana Cabral Martins and Helena César.

Ela é uma Música, part of IndieMusic 2019, tells us about the universe of amplified guitars and distorted sound in a mostly male universe. But if we listen better and more carefully, the story is different. From the 1950s to the present day, director Francisca Marvão opens the treasure trunk of living testimonies, and from images and sounds begin to leap what never before had entered the canon of Portuguese music. The girls are out there… rockin’ like there’s no tomorrow! Ela é uma Música is a journey of discovery through the world of rock in Portugal, in the voice of its illustrious unknowns: the women.

March 11, 9.30 pm
SMUP – Sociedade Musical União Paredense
Screening of the film Já Estou Farto! by Paulo Antunes, presented by the director.
Dj set by Lamos Ropes, composed by IndieMusic programmers Carlos Ramos and Mário Lopes.

Já Estou Farto!, part of IndieMusic 2021, portrays Portuguese punk in a documentary focused on João Pedro Almendra, ex-vocalist of Peste & Sida. Besides statements from his band mates and others, the film concentrates on the Lisbon neighbourhood of Alvalade, where Almendra has always lived, a territory of national punk bands such as Ku de Judas, Peste & Sida and Censurados.

The entrance for both days is free. Let’s celebrate another edition of the festival, that will have 11 days of cinema, music, concerts and parties from April 27 to May 7.