23 MAY — 02 JUNE 2024

In 2022, we remember in family with IndieJunior

With the 18th anniversary of IndieJunior, we have prepared two very special screenings that intend to bring the whole family together on the Saturdays of the festival. These are two afternoons that recall some of the most beautiful and funny films that have been shown in IndieJunior throughout these years. Check them out:

APRIL 30 | 15:30 pm • Culturgest

On the first Saturday, Family Time Machine brings us nine films. But watch out! When the screening starts, we need to be on the lookout for Pearfall! We’ll find out that to be a Superperson you need a super-place to put on the suit, and realise that when the owners move out, The House goes looking for them. We’ll also show you what happens when Mr. Night Has A Day Off, and try to see the world from another angle with The Kite from the grandson and his grandfather. In Le dernier jour de l’automne, a big race is approaching and the animals are getting ready to build beautiful vehicles made from old bicycles. In Threads, the connection between mother and daughter will teach us a lot about the importance of human relationships. A little bird in love will leave the Nest to attract another little bird. And we end this journey on the ride of Voyagers: a tiger, an astronaut and a goldfish, who will have to share a space station.

MAY 7 | 3 pm • Cinema São Jorge

We return last weekend with a new screening for the whole family, Childhood Memories, which once again recalls films that have delighted audiences of all ages for almost two decades. This time there are seven films, starting with Wolf who, on a walk in the woods, doesn’t know that there is someone watching him. Will they cross paths? About a Mother tells us about unconditional love and new opportunities. We will also see what the neighbours in Flatlife do, being always busy with their daily activities. In Oktapodi, two octopuses help each other while running away from a chef. Historia de un Oso is told through a magic lantern: the one that gave birth to cinema. Almost at the end of the screening, we are left with a doubt to solve: will Le Trop Petit Prince be able to clean the dirty sun? This journey ends on a Greek beach, in the middle of a Heatwave, where two children find a way to refresh everyone!