The IndieLisboa awards at the Panorama festival in Salvador in 2021

2021 is the 9th year of the partnership between IndieLisboa and Panorama Internacional Coisa de Cinema, a festival held in Salvador, Bahia. Since 2013, we award prizes every year to films from the Brazilian festival competition, which end up being selected for the next edition of IndieLisboa.

In this 2021 edition of Panorama, we have awarded two prizes: the IndieLisboa award for best feature film and the IndieLisboa award for best short film. The awards ceremony was held online yesterday, the last day of the festival, on Zoom, where we announced the two winners.

The Love inside the Camera (featured image), by Lara Beck Belov and Jamille Fortunato, was the feature film chosen by us this year. The documentary starts from the life, love and cinema history of the couple Conceição and Orlando Senna, a novel of more than 50 years that mixes with the history of Brazilian and Latin American cinema. The Bahian production will be shown in the Director’s Cut section of IndieLisboa 2021.

The short film chosen was Sing Along, by Sávio Fernandes and Muniz Filho. The film tells the story of Kátia, a woman who dedicates her life to singing accompanied by karaoke midis. When she sings, her body and soul expand, they are not limited to a stage, they walk around the environment, dance, smile, interact and infect her audience, the ills of life are erased. In this documentary we observe one of those moments of the singer, getting to know a bit about her life and her way of being in the world. We also become her audience, who are graced with her energy, who sings along, who spies.Sing Along is now part of the selection of the IndieLisboa International Competition this year.

Sing Along