01 MAY — 11 MAY 2024

01 MAY — 11 MAY 2024

Open Air Cinema

IndieLisboa is about to start, and with it the culmination of summer and, exceptionally this year, also a post-quarantine concern of wanting to stay outdoors.

The open-air sessions take place in the usual rooms of the Cinemateca Portuguesa and at the Capitólio. From films in the Mouth of Madness section, through the International Competition, through the Silvestre section, up to the IndieMusic. Also on the terrace of the Cinemateca, already a place of summer worship for all moviegoers, there will be several open-air sessions, several of them from the retrospectives Ousmane Sembène and 50 Years Forum Berlinale. No other place in the city of Lisbon could receive Moolaadé’s outdoor screen projection.

In the IndieJunior universe, there will also be open-air cinema, and in this case, for the first time. There will be two outdoor sessions. For the youngest, there is the Tudo em Família (+3 years) session, composed of eight short films for the little ones, and which once again features the voice of Pedro Cardoso. For a more youthful audience, there will be a feature film by Edmunds Jansons, Jacob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs, a film about a boy who, with the help of his bossy cousin and a pack of local dogs, embarks on a project not to let a greedy businessman turn a local park into a skyscraper.

Capitólio Sessions

Dreamland | Bruce McDonald, Fic. 2019 92’

After Pontypool or This Movie Is Broken (IndieLisboa 2011), Bruce McDonald’s dystopian humor and violent coolness are back. In this dreamland, modern vampires live with jazz legends and little fingers are a “good” almost as precious as the innocent girls for break-in weddings. The genius Stephen McHattie, supported by Juliette Lewis and Henry Rollins, are the actors in this bloody and modern fairy tale.

Wen. 21h30 |  Agosto August |  Buy


Baamum Nafi | Mamadou Dia, Fic. 2019 109’

Mamadou Dia’s first feature comes twice to us at the Locarno Festival (Golden Leopard Filmmakers of the Present and Best First Film). Filmed in his hometown, Matal in Senegal, this is the story of two brothers, Tierno and Ousmane, who are angry because of the marriage of their two children. The first wants to marry his boy to the second daughter, the beautiful Nafi. What is at stake is the spread of fundamentalism in a small community.

Thu. 21h30 | August 27 |  Buy


The Other Lamb | Malgorzata Szumowska, Fic. 2019 97’

Estamos no seio de uma comunidade muito singular. Um homem, conhecido como o Pastor, e o seu rebanho, composto por um conjunto de mulheres que o seguem, adoram e para ele trabalham. A fazer lembrar obras como The Handmade’s Tale (Bruce Miller) ou The Village (M. Night Shyamalan), a realizadora polaca Malgorzata Szumowska procura refletir sobre os rituais separados da civilização, mas sobretudo a lógica da dominação masculina sobre o mundo feminino.

Sun. 21h30 | August 30 |  Buy


Greener Grass | Dawn Luebbe, Jocelyn DeBoer, Fic. 2019 95’

Ahh … the American suburbs with their craziness and craziness. DeBoer and Luebbe – screenwriters, filmmakers and actresses from the film – bring us into this world inhabited by ferocious soccer moms, adults with teeth braces, matching pink or blue clothes, babies, dogs and children exchanges, golf cars and games of football. In this delicious dark comedy in bold tones it seems that David Lynch mated with Wes Anderson and gave birth to this film.

Mon. 21h30 | August 31 |  Buy


White Riot | Rubika Shah, Jocelyn DeBoer, Fic. 2019 80’

In the late 1970s, the British National Front defended extreme right-wing xenophobic positions. In response, a central element of British punk rock, the anti-racist movement Rock Against Racism, was born. Rubika Shah’s film portrays the emergence of this movement, under the impulse of music photographer Red Saunders, and to which bands such as The Clash or Sham 69 would join, at a time when a generation was challenging the status quo through music.

Tue. 21h30 | September 1 |  Buy


Overseas| Sung-a Yoon, Doc. 2019 90’

In a Philippine school, students learn to do housework and care for babies. The aim is to be hired to work at homes abroad. But they learn more than that. How to deal with the verbal aggression of a decompensated employer? How to react to sexual harassment? How to endure the distance and homesickness of the children who stayed in the Philippines? This is a film that reflects on modern slavery in a globalized world.

Wed. 21h30 | September 2 |  Buy


Show Me the Picture: The Story of Jim Marshall| Alfred George Bailey, Doc. 2019 92’

Much of what we know about the musical mythology and counterculture of the 60s owes to Jim Marshall’s images and photographic talent. Some of the best-known photographs of musicians like Bob Dylan or The Rolling Stones are his. And still remarkable moments like the last concert of The Beatles, the concerts of Johnny Cash in the prison of Folsom or Jimi Hendrix burning his guitar. This is the chronicle of life of a unique artist, on this side of his camera.
Thu. 21h30 | September 3|  Buy


Tudo em Família| Toda a Família, 45′ (+3 anos)

Sex. 21h90 | 4 de Setembro |  Comprar


Jacob, Mimmi e os Cães Falantes
Edmunds Jansons 
| Edmunds Jansons, Ani. 2019 70’

Jacob lives in the city and dreams of being an architect like his father. One day, when he has to travel for work, Jacob will spend a week with cousin Mimmi and his father. They live in a suburb of the Latvian capital, Riga. Everything seems different and calmer there. When the children realize that the park is going to be destroyed and in their place they will build tall buildings, they will try to stop the works. And they receive the precious help of a pack of special dogs.

Sat. | 21h00 | September 5 |  Comprar


Cinemateca Portuguesa Sessions

Forum 50 & Ousmane Sembène: O cinema como forma de reflexão e acção política  | 90’

Thu. 18h00 | August 27


Ceddo  | Ousmane Sembène, Fic. 1977, 109’

Ceddo is the name given to the last holders of African spiritualism before the arrival of Islam and Christianity. In a Senegalese village from the 19th century. In the 17th century, King Demba War gave in to pressure from the Islamic leader and the cedants kidnapped his daughter to prevent forced conversion to the new religion. This “micro epic”, as it was dubbed, was censored at the time and it is said that Sembène distributed, outside the cinemas, pamphlets describing the scenes removed.

Thu. | 21h30 |  August 27


Guelwaar  | Ousmane Sembène, Fic. 1992, 115’

This deception comedy begins with the death of Guelwaar (meaning “the nobleman”), a Catholic priest and activist. When the family comes to claim the body from the morgue, they realize that it has disappeared and that it was mistakenly buried in a Muslim cemetery. Satire to an Africa mired in small conflicts, by paralyzing bureaucracy and by confronting dogmas and religious beliefs. The fine irony and the small details reveal Sembène’s mastery.

Fri. | 21h30 | August 28


Emitaï | Ousmane Sembène, Fic. 1971, 103’

During World War II, the French colonialist forces of the Vichy government demanded the most precious asset that the inhabitants of the Senegalese village of Efock have: rice. The Diola ethnic minority reorganizes for resistance: while the elders pray Emitaï, the God of thunder, women, more pragmatic, hide the harvest. This story of silent resistance was censored 5 years after its debut across French-speaking Africa.

Sat. | 21h30 | August 29


Faat Kiné | Ousmane Sembène, Fic. 2001, 120’

Almost a decade after his last film, Sembène signs what would be the first volume of a planned trilogy on the daily heroism of African women. Faat Kiné is a single mother in a modern Dakar, full of contradictions and aspirations for change. She lives with her two children, from two ex-husbands, having to deal not only with the social pressure of her condition, but also to fight for her professional aspirations in a world dominated by the patriarchal condition.

Sat. | 21h30 | August 31


W.R. – Misterije Organizma | Dušan Makavejev, Fic., 84’

Tue. | 21h30 | September 1


Eldrige Cleaver, Black Panther | William Klein, Doc. 1970, 75’

After accusing an attempted murder, Eldrige Cleaver, a member of the Black Panther Party movement, exiles in Algeria. Director and photographer William Klein will portray a multifaceted man here, listening to his activist speech about the revolution, the struggle in America, his political rivals like Nixon or Reagan. But this is also a work beyond ideology, the portrait of a romantic revolutionary, in a lyrical and moving exile.

Thu. | 21h30 | September 3

Camp de Thiaroye | Ousmane Sembène, Fic. 1988, 157’

Perhaps Ousmane Sembène’s great masterpiece and the most intense cry of condemnation of the injustices of colonialism. In the aftermath of World War II, Senegalese soldiers return from Europe and, before returning home, are placed in the military camp at Thiaroye. In the face of poor accommodation conditions and reduced pay, soldiers revolt and are massacred at the hands of the French army. Winner of the special Jury prize in Venice.

Fri. | 21h30 | September 4


Moolaadé | Ousmane Sembène, Fic. 2004, 124’

Sembène’s latest film and the second in a planned trilogy on the heroism of African women. In a small Senegalese village, Collé Ardo, the second wife of a prosperous farmer, is preparing his daughter’s wedding. Here he decides to take in four girls who seek refuge in his home to escape the “purification” ritual, which consists of his genital excision. Such an attitude starts a conflict that irremediably divides the members of your community.

Sat. | 21h30 | September 5

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