Tomorrow, IndieLisboa 2019 film screening at TVCine Edition

Save the date!

Tomorrow, April 30th, the 17th IndieLisboa was supposed to start in Lisbon. As we don’t have the festival yet, TVCine Edition brings the best of the last edition of IndieLisboa to the home of the Portuguese people, with the premiere on Portuguese TV of four films that passed through the festival. Between the life of a fisherman, a dystopian world, a trip by Spanish conquistadors to the Canaries and the life of a doctor in a hospital, this special program is a unique opportunity to discover or rediscover works outside the regular display radar. IndieLisboa Special, exclusively on TVCine Edition, April 30th from 6:40 pm.

Bait, by Mark Jenkin | April 30th, Thursday, 6:40 pm, exclusively on TVCine Edition
A fisherman without a boat is infuriated with his brother who is using the family vessel for day-tripping, and resents the tourists flocking to the village while locals are relegated to a sink estate on the hill. “Bait” was shot on B&W 16mm film and processed by hand.

Jessica Forever, by Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel | April 30th, Thursday, 8:15 pm, exclusively on TVCine Edition
In a dystopian future, bloodthirsty youths form a matriarchal family led by Jessica, the only one who has ever given them love and understanding. A first feature that mirrors the duo’s work in the short format (which is this year’s Silvestre Focus).

On the Name of the Goats (De Los Nomes de Las Cabras), by Miguel G. Morales and Silvia Navarro | April 30th, Thursday, 10 pm, exclusively on TVCine Edition
An archeologist travels to the Canary Islands’ cave dwellings as part of his quest to discover the remains of the indigenous inhabitants of the island. An essay film, composed of archival footage, on the complex map of power that constructs historical discourse.

Thou Shalt Not Kill (Să nu ucizi), by Cătălin Rotaru and Gabi Virginia Șarga | April 30th, Thursday, 11:10 pm, exclusively on TVCine Edition
Cristian, a young surgeon, makes a shocking discovery. For years, the hospital has been buying ineffective biocides. Trying to publicize the affair, Cristian cannot break the wall of indifference. But justice must be served.

Image: Jessica Forever.