23 MAY — 02 JUNE 2024

Here comes IndieJunior

In 2019, IndieJunior presents a very diversified program with special film screenings, workshops and events for the whole family where diving will be guaranteed. Fresh, risky and fun dives for children and adults alike, as IndieJunior is for everyone! The biggest and most spectacular dives will happen inside the theatres.

Like every year, we have films for all tastes and ages. It’s all divided by age groups and it’s very simple to know which screening to go see. And each screening has a different name! Ao Ar Livre are the screenings for children over 3; Formas de Ver e Fazer for +6; Coisas que Acontecem for +10; and Em Rota de Transformação for +12.

Mundo Animado – Film-concert with Casa da Música will be one of the moments you won’t want to miss. All the ingredients are guaranteed to be unforgettable: on the one hand, the original music, by three resident musicians of the Educational Service of Casa da Música, António Serginho, Óscar Rodrigues and Pedro Cardoso (Peixe). On the other, two films of two big silent film heroes – Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. Another special program we have shows recently restored Polish animation classics for children – A Polónia é uma Animação! – an opportunity to discover the animation that was made in the 60s in that country.

On the last weekend and because we want to celebrate our friends and family, we propose a double program: a Picnic on Grass on May 11th at 16h, in the garden of Biblioteca Palácio Galveias, an event full of outdoor activities by Escola António Arroio and Casa Nic e Inês and live music in partnership with the Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa. Free entrance and for all ages. The activities will happen shortly after the screening of short films with live dubbing, Algures entre o Céu e a Terra, for the whole family (May 11th, 15h, Culturgest Grande Auditório).

Everything start on May 2nd. Come and dive with us!