01 MAY — 11 MAY 2024

01 MAY — 11 MAY 2024

LisbonTalks podcasts: the talks that took place in the festival, now on Spotify

From today until the 19th of September, the conversations that took place as part of LisbonTalks program in the last edition of the festival will be published weekly, as podcasts on Spotify.

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To start, this very special conversation moderated by Lucia Udvardyova, from WOMEX, with some directors of films selected for IndieMusic in 2022.


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Moderation: Lucia Udvardyova (WOMEX)
With: Alessandro Melazzini (Italo Disco: The Sparklind Sound of the 80s), Ana Sofia Fonseca (Cesária Évora) and Pedro Coquenão (Batida Apresenta: The Almost Perfect DJ).

This year, WOMEX – an expo that aims to promote creativity and support the role of music cultures – will take place in Lisbon in October. As a warm-up, we jump-start from this year’s IndieMusic programme to talk about music from around the world, interculturalism and how it’s crafted for the big screen. Let’s talk art, history, culture, activism and politics on the beat.

The talk WOMEX & INDIEMUSIC took place on May 2nd, at 4:30pm, at Universidade Lusófona.


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Moderation: Daniella Shreir
With: Peggy Ahwesh e Lisa Petrucci 

Doris Wishman, a counterculture filmmaker from the margins, from independent cinema, IndieLisboa’s 2022 retrospective. Roundtable about her ability to figure female sexuality through sexploitation with the resonance of fear and hostility towards the women of our world, in the patriarchal universe that her films intended to describe as well as work within. Indecent desires or a wake-up call?

The talk GIRLS BEWARE! DORIS WISHMAN’S CINEMA took place on May 3rd, at 6pm, at Cinemateca Portuguesa.


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Moderation: Ricardo Vieira Lisboa
With: Carlos Almeida, Tiago Bartolomeu Costa (FILMar) and Kjell Runar Jenssen

As part of the presentation of recently restored copies carried out by FILMar, a project led by the Cinematheque that aims to restore, promote and disseminate filmic heritage related to the sea, let’s talk about the importance of preserving and distributing our cultural heritage. As part of an alternative exhibition circuit, it aims to make known the history of Portuguese cinema and the respective traditions of the sea. A knowledge platform.

The talk FILMar WITH INDIELISBOA took place on May 4th, at 4:30pm, at Universidade Lusófona.


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Moderation: Ulrich Ziemons (Forum Expanded Berlinale)
With: Jorge Jácome (Supernatural), Sílvia das Fadas (Artista Visual) and Emmanuel Lefrant (Director of Light Cone)

The line between the movie theater and the gallery space is increasingly blurred. Analog formats developed in a DIY fashion, the amateurism of the handycam, video games, found footage, memes, Instagram filters and TikTok trends are raw material on the editing table that ends up in the works that cohabit both exhibition spaces. Is the way they’re seen different?

The talk NEW MATTERS AND LANGUAGES – (DE)CONSTRUCTED CINEMA took place on May 5th, at 3pm, at Universidade Lusófona.

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