The women of Indie film

Today we celebrate the everyday fight. This March 8th, IndieLisboa will once again cheer women in cinema. Only in the last editions of the festival, we visited in retrospective the works of different personalities, showing film by film that cinema in the feminine is also exactly what it is intended to be in its entirety: plural. If in 2018 we learned to imitate life with Lucrecia Martel, in 2021 we were preparing for the revolution with Sarah Maldoror. In between, in 2019, Anna Karina appeared in front of the camera, giving her body to different characters that will forever tell us the feminine dimension according to the french nouvelle vague.

This year, the retrospective brings Doris Wishman to Portuguese film theaters. A cult figure in north american independent cinema, Wishman is also a symbol of freedom. She is the female filmmaker who has made the most films to date and the first to dedicate her work to female sexploitation. “If I had money, I could have done better,” she said in an interview, but that didn’t stop her from doing. And she did the way she wanted, confronting the system and questioning all the expectations that fall on being a woman. Today she is recognized as the artist she has always been, a pioneer of unusual curiosity, capable of treading her own path. IndieLisboa will present ten of her films in the next edition of the festival.

Today we celebrate the everyday fight and IndieLisboa cheers all women, with the certainty that there are still many places to be occupied and voices to be heard. This is also our fight: cinema as a place of speech and other possibilities of being, forever in the plural.

Here is the complete list of Doris Wishman’s films that IndieLisboa will present:

Diary of a Nudist (1961)
Nude on the Moon (1961)
Bad Girls Go to Hell (1965)
Another Day Another Man (1966)
Indecent Desires (1968)
Keyholes Are for Peeping (1972)
Double Agent 73 (1974)
Deadly Weapons (1975)
The Immoral Three (1975)
Let Me Die a Woman (1978)