01 MAY — 11 MAY 2024

Do you want to go on a vacation this year? Come travel with us at IndieJunior!

IndieJunior is back, and with it a world of ideas projected on the big screen for kids and adults of IndieLisboa. This time, in the middle of the summer and in the outdoors for the first time, IndieJunior will take the cinema to Capitólio’s terrace, where all children, from the age of 3, will be able to embark on a journey starting on the 4th of September at 9pm, in a very special session of short films, films that contemplate the fundamental role of the family and are really for everyone.

The next day, but this time for the elderly, the outdoor experience is repeated, in an evening with Jacob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs, an adventure by Edmunds Jansons, projected on the screen overlooking the sky.

But these will not only be the unmissable moments of this year’s edition!

From Latvia (in Jacob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs) to France (in My Life in Versailles) to Greece (in Heatwave), through Canada (in Beauty) and Scandinavia where it will be possible to watch the passing of an Aurora Boreal by the sky (in Northern Lights), and even going back in time (in Afternoon Tea), there are more than 30 films in competition this year in an edition that truly celebrates the return to the cinema. They will demand you to tighten your seatbelt and travel, in great safety, inside the screen and meet young programmers, workshops and special sessions.

One of them will be the party on the grass (free activity) that will be an extension of Tudo em Família session in the afternoon (+ 3 years old) on the 29th of August, a short film session accompanied by the speech by Pedro Cardoso. From the movie Les Oiseaux, by Célia Rivière, inspired by the album by Germano Zullo and Albertine with the same name, the plastic expression and creative art workshop Sonhos Aéreos is born, which will then take place in the Jardim do Palácio Galveias, developed in partnership with the publisher Orfeu Negro. This family day will also feature other games inspired by the rest of the program, DJ set and dance floor.

Post-quarantine and homesick for cinema, parents will be able to go to a 7 pm cinema session at São Jorge cinema while their children experience, in the same way, the dark room watching fun movies and creating objects related to cinematographic activity, in that which is Cinema Simultâneo. In more parallel activities, children will be able to make a family film in the Faz e Filma em Família workshop, and even learn to draw beautiful autumn leaves and contribute to an amazing film Leaf, by director Aliona Baranova, in the Uma Folha de Cada workshop. Time – A film that was made!

There are several films in competition, of which those that are born out of fables like La Fontaine, such as Overboard!, by Filip Pošivač and Barbora Valecká, which tells the story of Kiwi and the chameleon who decide to embark on Noah’s Ark even afterwards for not having been invited – Crescer a Brincar! (+3), and films that remind us of how important our inner nature is, the ability to give wings to the imagination, even if you are closed at home as is the case with the boy who lives an adventure in the city, inside his room, in The Concrete Jungle, by Marie Urbánkova – session Com os Pés na Natureza (+5).

For a more youthful audience, there are films that echo narratives that are urgent and offer themselves to the debate, such as My Life in Versailles, a truly touching film by Clémence Madeleine Perdrillat and Nathaniel H’limi, which explores overcoming the losses of life – Perder e Ganhar (+9) session, and the important Beauty, a documentary by Christina Willings, which expands the notion of being human, in her presentation of five non-binary children who struggle to live authentically with what they feel is their identity of gender. These films are integrated into sessions, curated by students between 10 and 15 years of age, under the initiative “Eu Programo um Cinema Festival”, with the Marquesa de Alorna Basic School (Perder e Ganhar session, +9 years old) and ES 2.3 D. Filipa de Lencastre (Levantar a Voz, +12 years old session).

To underline, Beauty will be the starting point for the debate “When gender identity does not coincide with the gender that was attributed at birth”, which will focus on the social transition in the family and school environment of non-binary children, for all parents , children and teachers, with the support of AMPLOS (Association of Mothers and Fathers for Freedom of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity).

From August 25 to September 5, IndieJunior returns for another edition full of animation and sharing, united by a program that makes young and alert voices flourish that are seen here in records such as animation, documentary and fiction. Embark on this journey!

Tickets on sale from the 28th of July at the official ticket offices of the festival and on Ticketline.pt. Early Bird passbooks limited with 10 voucher tickets available until the 27th of July with a special price of € 2.50 per ticket. The family ticket is valid for 4 people in the IndieJunior Families sessions, for the price of 12 €.