23 MAY — 02 JUNE 2024

23 MAY — 02 JUNE 2024

Special Screenings: The Cinema and 5L Cycle

In the Special Screenings of this 2020 festival edition, we highlight the Cinema and 5L Cycle. This cycle is the result of a partnership between IndieLisboa and Lisboa 5L, the new literary festival in the city of Lisbon, promoted by the Lisbon City Council and dedicated to the five cultural dimensions that give the initiative its title: language, literature, books, libraries and reading.

In this cycle, five films will be screened and commented. Films in which the cinema adapts, construe, transforms or documents each of these five dimensions:

Cinema and Literature
Francisca, Manoel de Oliveira, fic., Portugal, 1981, 167′

Cinema and Reading
858 pages plus au sud, Grégory Buchert, doc., France, 2011, 59′

Cinema and Language
L’Enfant sauvage / The Wild Child, François Truffaut, fic., 1970, 85′

Cinema and Library
The Booksellers, D.W. Young, doc., USA, 2019, 99′

Cinema and Book
Resurrezione / Ressurection, Tonino De Bernardi, doc., Italy, 2019, 117′

The final list of selected films to the Special Screenings will be announced by the end of July.