23 MAY — 02 JUNE 2024

23 MAY — 02 JUNE 2024

Check here the film selection of IndieLisboa 2020

Today, April 30th, the 17th IndieLisboa was supposed to start in Lisbon. For this reason, we decided to symbolically present most of the selected films of this 2020 edition. From August 25th to September 5th, IndieLisboa – International Film Festival will bring to the audience the best and latest national and international cinema to Portugal.

A transversal program that crosses borders, brings cultures together and gives voice to movements that have marked history. Starting with the retrospective of the work of Senegalese director Ousmane Sembène and the retrospective that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Berlinale Forum, composed of films shown in its first edition in 1971. In the Silvestre section, the focus will be on the Franco-Senegalese director Mati Diop, who competed with her first feature film Atlantique at the Cannes Film Festival. In the main competitions, a special selection of recent productions will be screened, in addition to the other sections of the festival for different cinema lovers, who like music, linked to history and political and social urgencies, and those who are also looking to celebrate.

A special highlight for the international competition, one of the most awaited at the festival, this year consisting of 12 features and 31 short films. Among the feature films, it is fair to highlight two titles: the Senegalese Baamum Nafi / Nafi’s father, by Mamadou Dia; and Eyimofe / This Is My Desire, by Arie Esiri and Chuko Esiri, from Nigeria, ensuring a strong African presence in this edition of the festival. In addition, there are also two Spanish filmmakers, Luis López Carrasco (El Anõ del Descubrimiento / The Year of the Discovery), who tells us about EXPO’92 and the other Spain that was not visible in this exhibition, and Lois Patiño (Lúa Vermella / Red Moon Tide) who tells us about the myths of Galicia. There is also the return of the Argentine director Jazmin Lopez with her film Si yo fuera el invierno mismo / If I Were the Winter Itself, with the direction of photography by the Portuguese cinematographer Rui Poças.

In the short films competition, the French Tendre, by Isabel Pagliai, can be highlighted, as well as a group of young authors, such as Adinah Dancyger (Moving), Déjeuner sur l’herbe, by Jocelyn Charles, Jules Bourges, Nathan Harbonn Viaud and Pierre Rougemont, or Os Últimos Românticos do Mundo, by Henrique Arruda, which had its world premiere at the last Tiradentes festival in 2020 and is yet another strong highlight for this festival.

The Silvestre section of IndieLisboa finds its standard in the singularity. We show, under the wing Silvestre, works that reject established formulas and awaken new languages. In addition to the 22 short films selected, the 17 feature films this year show the latest works by renowned authors, such as Bruno Dumont, Sergei Loznitsa, Radu Jude, Tsai Ming-Liang along with new voices such as Monia Chokri, Camilo Restrepo, or the collective The Living and the Dead Ensemble, among others.

The full program for IndieLisboa 2020 will be available at the end of July on the official website and app of the festival, where the Portuguese films selected for the National Competition, Brand New, Special Screenings, and also the parallel activities and industry events will be released.

The 17th edition of IndieLisboa – International Film Festival has new dates. It will run from August 25th to September 5th at Cinema São Jorge, Culturgest, Cinema Ideal and at Cinemateca Portuguesa.

Image: Eyimofe / This Is My Desire, Arie Esiri/Chuko Esiri

List of films announced:
El Año del Descubrimiento / The Year of the Discovery, Luis López Carrasco, doc., Spain, 2020, 200′
Baamum Nafi / Nafi’s father, Mamadou Dia, fic., Senegal, 2019, 109′
Babai, Artem Aisagaliev, fic., Russia/USA, 2020, 65′
Barzaj / Barzakh, Alejandro Salgado, doc., Spain, 2019, 73′
Eyimofe / This Is My Desire, Arie Esiri/Chuko Esiri, fic., Nigeria, 2020, 116′
A Febre / The Fever, Maya Da-Rin, fic., Brazil/France/Germany, 2019, 98′
Ghost Tropic, Bas Devos, fic., Belgium, 2019, 85′
L’Île aux oiseaux / Bird Island, Maya Kosa/Sergio da Costa, doc., Switzerland, 2019, 62′
Lúa Vermella / Red Moon Tide, Lois Patiño, fic., Spain, 2020, 84’
Il n’y aura plus de nuit / There Will Be No More Night, Eléonore Weber, doc., France, 2020, 75′
Si yo fuera el invierno mismo / If I Were the Winter Itself, Jazmin Lopez, fic., Argentina, 2020, 92′
Victoria, Isabelle Tollenaere/Sofie Benoot/Liesbeth De Ceulaer, doc., Belgium, 2020, 71′
Abiding, Ugo Petronin, fic./doc., Netherlands, 2019, 5′
Abissu, Matteo Moeschler, fic., France, 2019, 13′
Älgen, Erik Svetoft, anim., Sweden, 2019, 8′
Avant notre heure, Chloé Terren, fic., France, 2019, 22′
Batalha, Clara Lazarim/Ricardo Mollan Saito/Caio Castor/Guilherme Cerqueira César, doc., Brazil, 2019, 15′
Black Sheep Boy, James Molle, anim., France, 2019, 15′
Breakfast in Kisumu, Rebecca Achieng Ajulu-Bushell, doc., United Kingdom/Kenya/South Africa, 2019, 37′
Bugs and Beasts Before the Law, Alexis Mitchell/Sharlene Bamboat, exp., Canada/Germany, 2019, 33′
City of Children, Arantxa Hernández Barthe, doc., United Kingdom, 2019, 16′
Déjeuner sur l’herbe / Lunch on the Grass, Jules Bourges/Jocelyn Charles/Nathan Harbonn Viaud/Pierre Rougemont, anim., France, 2019, 7′
Douma Underground, Tim Alsiofi, doc., Lebanon, 2019, 11′
Fiebre Austral / Austral Fever, Thomas Woodroffe, fic., Chile, 2019, 21′
Fun Factory, Lisa Brooke, fic., Norway/Germany, 2019, 12′
Genius Loci, Adrien Mérigeau, anim., France, 2019, 16′
Mardi de 8 à 18 / Tuesday From 8 to 6, Cecilia de Arce, fic., France, 2019, 26′
The Memory Atlas, Domenico Centroni, doc., Belgium/Ital/Portugal, 2020, 10′
Moving, Adinah Dancyger, fic., USA, 2019, 8′
Notes on the White Plastic Chair- the Movie, APRDELESP, exp., Mexico, 2019, 16′
Pol.len, Blanca Camell Galí, fic., France, 2019, 16′
Poslednja slika o ocu / The Last Image of Father, Stefan Djordjevic, fic., Serbia, 2019, 20′
Rodéo / Rodeo, Mario Valero, doc./exp., Spain/France, 2019, 33′
Seabird, Arthur Vermorel, fic., France, 2020, 23′
Shānzhài Screens, Paul Heintz, doc., China/France, 2020, 23′
Sukar, Ilias Dupuis-El Faris, fic., France/Morocco, 2019, 9′
Symbiosis, Nadja Andrasev, anim., France/Hungary, 2019, 13′
Tendre, Isabel Pagliai, doc., France, 2020, 43′
There Were Four of Us, Cassie Shao, anim., USA, 2019, 7′
This Means More, Nicolas Gourault, doc., France, 2019, 22′
Toomas teispool metsikute huntide orgu / Toomas Beneath the Valley of the Wild Wolves, Chintis Lundgren, Animation, Estonia/Croatia, 2019, 18′
Os Últimos Românticos do Mundo, Henrique Arruda, fic., Brazil, 2020, 23′
(You’ll Make It In) Florida, Phil Chernyak, fic., USA, 2019, 20′
Breve Miragem de Sol / Burning Night, Eryk Rocha, fic., Brazil/France/Argentina, 2019, 98′
Cemetery, Carlos Casas, doc., France/United Kingdom/Poland/Uzbekistan, 2019, 85′
Los Conductos, Camilo Restrepo, fic., Colombia/France/Brazil, 2020, 70′
Her Name Was Europa, Anja Dornieden/Juan David González Monroy, doc./exp., Germany, 2020, 76′
La femme de mon frère / A Brother’s Love, Monia Chokri, fic., Canada, 2019, 107′
Isabella, Matías Piñeiro, fic., Argentina/France, 2020, 78′
Jeanne / Joana D’Arc, Bruno Dumont, fic., France, 2019, 2019, 98′
Ouvertures, The Living and the Dead Ensemble, fic./doc./exp., United Kingdom/France, 2020, 132′
Overseas, Sung-a Yoon, doc., Belgium/France, 2019, 90′
Responsabilidad empresarial / Corporate Accountability, Jonathan Perel, doc., Argentina, 2020, 68′
Rizi / Days, Tsai Ming-Liang, fic., Taiwan, 2019, 127′
Si c’était de l’amour / If it were love, Patric Chiha, doc., France, 2020, 82′
State Funeral, Sergei Loznitsa, doc., Netherlands/Lithuania, 2019, 135′
Tipografic majuscul / Uppercase Print, Radu Jude, doc., Romania, 2020, 128′
Todos os Mortos / All the Dead Ones, Caetano Gotardo/Marco Dutra, fic., Brazil/France, 2020, 120′
Vendrá la muerte y tendrá tus ojos / Death Will Come and Shall Have Your Eyes, José Luis Torres Lleiva, fic., Chile/Germany/Argentina, 2019, 90′
The Works and Days (of Tayoko Shiojiri in the Shiotani Basin), C.W. Winter/Anders Edström, doc., USA/Sweden/Japan/Hong Kong/China/United Kingdom, 2020, 480′
Apiyemiyekî?, Ana Vaz, doc./exp., Brazil/France/Netherlands/Portugal, 2019, 28′
Apparition, Ismaïl Bahri, exp., Tunisia/France, 2019, 3′
Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Art of Bodybuilding, Babeth M. VanLoo, doc./exp., Netherlands/USA, 2020, 8′
Average Happiness, Maja Gehrig, anim., Switzerland, 2019, 7′
A Bright Summer Diary, Lei Lei, doc., China/USA, 2020, 28′
Communicating Vessels, Annie MacDonell/Maïder Fortuné, doc./exp., Canada, 2020, 35′
Daisies Cloud Passing, Peter Todd, doc./exp., United Kingdom, 2019, 1′
Former Cult Member Hears Music For The First Time, Kristoffer Borgli, fic., Norway/USA, 2020, 12′
Further Radical, Stefano Canapa, anim./exp., France, 2020, 7′
God’s Nightmares, Daniel Cockburn, exp., United Kingdom, 2019, 6′
Hard, Cracked The Wind, Mark Jenkin, fic., United Kingdom, 2019, 17′
I am (For the Birds), Stephen Sutcliffe, doc., United Kingdom, 2019, 3′
Ink in Milk, Gernot Wieland, exp., Germany, 2019, 12′
The Lie, Rafael Spínola/Klaus Diehl, doc./exp., exp., United Kingdom, 2019, 6′
My Galactic Twin Galaction, Sasha Svirsky, anim., Russia, 2020, 7′
Sapphire Crystal, Virgil Vernier, doc./fic., France, 2019, 31′
The Seismic Form, Antoinette Zwirchmayr, doc./exp., Austria, 2020, 15′
Signal 8, Simon Liu, exp., Hong Kong, 2019, 14′
Shiver of love, Maxence Stamatiadis, doc./exp., France, 2019, 20′
TX – REVERSE, Martin Reinhart/Virgil Widrich, doc./exp., Austria, 2019, 5′
Valerio’s Day Out, Michael Arcos, exp., Colombia/USA, 2019, 9′
Waste no.6: How Great, Jan Ijäs, doc., Finland, 2019, 45′
Atlantique / Atlantics, Mati Diop, fic., France/Senegal/Belgium, 2019, 106′
Atlantiques, Mati Diop, doc., France, 2009, 16′
Snow Canon, Mati Diop, fic., France, 2011, 34′
Big in Vietnam, Mati Diop, fic., France, 2012, 29′
Mille Soleils, Mati Diop, doc., France, 2013, 45′
Liberian Boy, Mati Diop/Manon Lutanie, fic., France/Canada, 2015, 5
La noire de… / Black Girl, Ousmane Sembène, fic., Senegal/France, 1966, 65′
Mandabi, Ousmane Sembène, fic., France/Senegal, 1968, 90′
Emitaï / God of Thunder, Ousmane Sembène, fic., Senegal, 1971, 103′
Xala, Ousmane Sembène, fic., Senegal, 1975, 123′
Ceddo, Ousmane Sembène, fic., Senegal, 1977, 120′
Camp de Thiaroye, Ousmane Sembène, fic. , Senegal/Algeria/Tunisia, 1988, 157′
Guelwaar, Ousmane Sembène, fic., France/Germany/Senegal/USA, 1992, 115′
Faat Kiné, Ousmane Sembène, fic., Senegal, 2001, 120′
Moolaadé, Ousmane Sembène, fic., Senegal, France/Morocco/Tunísia/Cameroon/Burkina Faso, 2004, 124′
Borom sarret / The Wagoner, Ousmane Sembène, doc., Senegal, 1963, 20′
Niaye, Ousmane Sembène, fic., Senegal, 1964, 35′
Tauw, Ousmane Sembène, fic., Senegal, 1970, 24′
Angela – Portrait of A Revolutionary, Yolande du Luart, doc., USA/France, 1971, 60′
Eldrige Cleaver, Black Panther, William Klein, doc., France/Algeria, 1970, 75′
Nicht der Homosexuelle ist pervers, sondern die Situation, in der er lebt / It Is Not the Homosexual Who Is Perverse, But the Society in Which He Lives, Rosa Von Praunheim, doc., Federal Republic of Germany, 1971, 67′
Soleil Ô / Oh, Sun!, Med Hondo, fic., France/Mauritania, 1970, 104′
W.R. – Misterije Organizma / W.R. – Mysteries of the Organism, Dušan Makavejev, fic., Yugoslavia/Germany, 1971, 84’
Eine Prämie für Irene / Bonus for Irene, Helke Sander, fic., Federal Republic of Germany, 1971, 50′
El cuarto poder, Helena Lumbreras, Mariano Lisa, doc., Spain, 1971, 45′
Mes voisins / My Neighbours, Med Hondo, doc., France, 1971, 35′
Monangambé, Sarah Maldoror, fic., Algeria, 1969, 18′
Phela-ndaba / End of the Dialogue, Members of the Pan Africanist Congress, doc., South Africa, 1970, 45′
The Woman’s Film (Newsreel #55), Women’s Caucus – San Francisco Newsreel, doc., USA, 1971, 41′
Billie, James Erskine, doc., United Kingdom, 2019, 96′
Caos e Afinidade / Chaos and Affinity, Pedro Gonçalves, doc., Portugal, 2020, 77′
Eletronica:Mentes, Dácio Pinheiro/Denis Giacobelis/Paulo Beto, doc., Brazil, 2019, 75′
Gimme Shelter, Albert Maysles/David Maysles/Charlotte Zwerin, doc., USA, 1970, 91′
The Heart is a Drum, Jacob Frössén, doc., Suécia, 2019, 71′
Keyboard Fantasies: The Beverly Glenn-Copeland Story, Posy Dixon, doc., United Kingdom/Canada/Belgium/Netherlands/USA, 2019, 60′
Laurel Canyon: A Place In Time, Alison Ellwood, doc., USA, 2020, 160′
Other, Like Me, Marcus Werner Hed, Dan Fox, doc., United Kingdom, 2020, 82′
Le Regard de Charles / Aznavour by Charles, Marc di Domenico/Charles Aznavour, doc., France, 2019, 75′
Show Me the Picture: The Story of Jim Marshall, Alfred George Bailey, doc., United Kingdom/USA, 2019, 92′
SOA, Raquel Castro, doc., Portugal, 2020, 78′
White Riot, Rubika Shah, doc., United Kingdom, 2019, 80′
Hacer una Diagonal con la Musica / Making a Diagonal with Music, Aura Satz, United Kingdom, doc., 2020, 10′
Ricardo, Luís Sobreiro, fic., Portugal, 2020, 29′
A Vida Dura Muito Pouco, Dinis Leal Machado, Portugal, doc., 2020, 23′
Conrad Veidt — My Life, Mark Rappaport, doc., USA/France, 2019, 61′
La dialectique peut-elle casser des briques? / Can Dialectics Break Bricks? (versão restaurada), René Viénet, fic., France/Hong Kong, 1973, 90′
Filmfarsi, Ehsan Khoshbakht, doc., Iran/United Kingdom, 2019, 84′
Fantasmas do Império / Ghosts of an Empire, Ariel de Bigault, doc., Portugal/France, 2020, 120′
Slučaj Makavejev ili Proces u bioskopskoj sali / The Makavejev Case or Trial in a Movie Theater, Goran Radovanović, doc., Serbia, 2019, 74′
El TANGO DEL VIUDO y su espejo deformante / THE TANGO OF THE WIDOWER And Its Distorting Mirror, Raúl Ruiz/Valeria Sarmiento, fic., Chile, 2020, 64′
Absolute Street, Jan Ijäs, exp., Finland, 2019, 3′
Anna-Nana, Mark Rappaport, doc., USA/France, 2020, 26′
Eclipse – an aesthetic of censorship, Gilles Ribero/Noé Grenier/Gwendal Sartre, exp., France, 2018, 16′
Dreamland, Bruce McDonald, fic., Canada/Luxembourg/Belgium, 2019, 92′
Greener Grass, Jocelyn DeBoer/Dawn Luebbe, fic., USA, 2019, 95′
Spalovač mrtvol / The Cremator, Juraj Herz, fic., Czech Republic, 1968, 102′
The Twentieth Century, Matthew Rankin, fic., Canada, 2019, 90′
Vivarium, Lorcan Finnegan, fic., Ireland/Denmark/Belgium/USA, 2019, 97′
Yummy, Lars Damoiseaux, fic., Belgium, 2019, 96′
Bad Hair, Oskar Lehemaa, fic., Estonia, 2019, 15′
Danny’s Girl, Emily Wilson, fic., USA, 2019, 13′
The Fall, Jonathan Glazer, fic., United Kingdom, 2020, 6′
Farce, Robin Jensen, anim., Norway, 2019, 11′
Heat, Thessa Meijer, fic., Netherlands, 2019, 2′
Hot and Tasty, Laura Jayne Hodkin, anim., United Kingdom, 2019, 4′
No, I Don’t Want to Dance!, Andrea Vinciguerra, anim., United Kingdom, 2019, 3′
Norteños, Grandmas, fic., United Kingdom, 2019, 8′
Regret, Santiago Menghini, fic., Canada, 2020, 16′
Something Doesn’t Feel Right, Fergal Costello, fic., Ireland, 2019, 10′
Afternoon Tea / Chá das Cinco, Andrea Szelesová, anim., Czech Republic, 2019, 2′
Au large / Ao Largo, Mathilde Pepinster, anim., Belgium, 2019, 6′
ATHLETICUS: Synchronised Trampoline / Trampolim Sincronizado, Nicolas Deveaux, anim., France, 2019, 2′
ATHLETICUS: Gardien de gymnase / Guardas do Ginásio, Nicolas Deveaux, anim., France, 2019, 2′
Beauty / Beleza, Christina Willings, doc., Canada, 2018, 23′
Les Cina Malfoutus / Os Cinco Desajustados, Célia Rivière, fic., France, 2019, 7′
The Concrete Jungle / A Selva de Betão, Marie Urbánková, anim., Czech Republic, 2019, 8′
The Dish Washer / A Máquina de Lavar Loiça, Katerina Karhankova/Alexandra Majova, anim., Czech Republic, 2019, 7′
Family Bonds / Laços de Família, Maria Schmidt, anim., Germany, 2019, 7′
Les fleurs du papier / Flores de Papel, Marine Varguy, anim., France, 2019, 3′
Fussel / A Linha, Alex Berweck, anim., Germany, 2019, 5′
Heatwave / Onda de Calor, Fokion Xenos, anim., Greece/United Kingdom, 2019, 7′
Hide ‘n’ Seek / Brincar às Escondidas, Barbora Halířová, anim., Czech Republic, 2019, 6′
How Much Does the Cloud Weigh / Quanto Pesa uma Nuvem?, Nina Bisyarina, anim., Russia, 2019, 6′
Hugo & Holger / O Hugo e o Holger, Teddy Halkier Kristiansen, anim., Denmark, 2019, 14′
Iktamuli / Diferenças, Anne-Christine Plate, anim., Germany, 2019, 5′
The Kindergarten Show / Espectáculo no Jardim de Infância, Loic Bruyere, anim., France, 2019, 8′
Leaf / A Folha, Aliona Baranova, anim., Czech Republic, 2020, 6′
The Little Bird and the Bees / O Passarinho e as Abelhas, Lena von Döhren, anim., Switzerland, 2020, 5′
Un lynx dans la ville / Um Lince na Cidade, Nina Bisiarina, anim., France, 2019, 6′
The misfortune of Mister Fox / A Desgraça do Sr. Raposa, Sarah Salard, anim., France, 2020, 2′
My Life in Versailles / A Minha Vida em Versalhes, Clémence Madeleine Perdrillat, anim., France, 2019, 28′
Northern Lights / Aurora Boreal, Caroline Attia, anim., France, 2019, 15′
Les oiseaux / Os Pássaros, Célia Rivière, fic., France, 2019, 7′
Overboard! / Borda Fora, Filip Pošivač/Barbora Valecká, anim., Czech Republic, 2019, 12′
Papa à Grandspas / Papá a passos largos, Célia Rivière, fic., France, 2019, 7′
Les popotin de l’híppopo / O Bacio do Hipopótamo, Célia Rivière, fic., France, 2019, 7′
Prince Ki-Ki-Do: On The Run / Prince Ki-Ki-Do: em Fuga, Grega Mastnak, anim., Slovenia, 2019, 5′
Pumpers Paradise / Paraíso dos Músculos, Eddy Hohf, anim., Germany, 2019, 4′
Ties / Laços, Dina Velikovskaya, anim., Russia/Germany, 2019, 8′
The Witch & the Baby / A Bruxa e o Bebé, Evgenia Golubeva, anim., Russia/United Kingdom, 2020, 5′
Cinema and literature
Francisca, Manoel de Oliveira, fic., Portugal, 1981, 167′Cinema and reading
858 pages plus au sud, Grégory Buchert, doc., France, 2011, 59′

Cinema and language
L’Enfant sauvage / The Wild Child,
François Truffaut, fic., 1970, 85′

Cinema and library
The Booksellers, D.W. Young, doc., USA, 2019, 99′

Cinema and book
Resurrezione / Ressurection, Tonino De Bernardi, doc., Italy, 2019, 117′