01 MAY — 11 MAY 2024

01 MAY — 11 MAY 2024

Sound will be the centre of conversation at the LisbonTalks 2019

It is undeniable the importance that sound has in its ability to direct attention when it comes to the moving image. Whether it’s through music, speech, the way it occupies the visual narrative, or the way it enhances feelings and our glance within a scene, the position it occupies in Film is crucial to define how we understand a story. For such reason, this year’s LisbonTalks will be about, almost exclusively, this important creative element of film production, in a set of four debates and masterclasses that will take a look at the different aspects related to sound. Organized in partnership with Universidade Lusófona, between May 3rd and May 11th, we’ll be able not only to know more about this specific area, but also to understand a little more about the recent history of sound in cinema through the voice of some of the professionals who have worked in it during the last decades in Portugal and not only.

As usual, the LisbonTalks will also be the place to meet and debate around both focuses of the Independent Hero section, this year dedicated to the filmography of Anna Karina and recent cinema made in Brazil. The first one will be with Anna Karina herself, the second will host the filmmakers Bruna Carvalho Almeida, Caetano Gotardo, Felipe Bragança, Helvécio Marins Jr. and Juliana Antunes.

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Sound at the LisbonTalks 2019


With: Philippe Ciompi, Vasco Pimentel
Moderated by: Miguel Moraes Cabral

The most attentive audience member will understand the crucial role sound plays in not only directing our attention within moving images, but also in shaping our understanding of them. Moderated by the filmmaker and sound director Miguel Moraes Cabral, this conversation brings together two veteran sound directors with different experiences and paths – and many stories to tell – to question and better understand what it means to work sound for cinema.

Free entrance upon collection of a free ticket on the same day.

6 MONDAY, 18.00, CULTURGEST, SALA LOUNGE & TALKS, 120′ (Portuguese)

With: Miguel Martins

An extended lesson by Miguel Martins, sound editor and mixer and a regular contributor to the films of Miguel Gomes, Salomé Lamas, João Nicolau and Jorge Cramez, and winner with Vasco Pimentel of a European Film Award for Best Sound Design in the Arabian Nights trilogy. Miguel will talk about sound post-production focusing on his work in Eldorado XXI by Salomé Lamas and offering practical details.

Free entrance upon collection of a free ticket on the same day.

7 TUESDAY, 18.00, CULTURGEST, SALA LOUNGE & TALKS, 90′ (Portuguese)

With: Filipe Raposo, Franco Bosco, Nicholas McNair, Manuel Deniz Silva
Moderated by: Tiago Baptista

Before the development of technology allowed the infinite possibilities that we know today to sound in cinema, such was an art form which, even though it was labelled “silent”, was in fact seldom so (to paraphrase one of the participants of this panel). Drawing from the work of preservation, restoration and DVD launch of a set of Portuguese silent films carried out by the Cinemateca Portuguesa, two aspects of the work of the restoration of sound in the context of the archives will be explained: on the one hand the composition and performance of musical accompaniment for silent films in a contemporary context, and on the other hand the reconstitution of an original score and its contemporary arranging.

With Franco Bosco, restorer at the Cinemateca Portuguesa, Filipe Raposo, composer and performer of the musical score of Lisboa, Crónica Anedótica (1930) by Leitão de Barros, Nicholas McNair, composer and performer of the musical score of Mulheres da Beira (1922) by Rino Lupo, Manuel Deniz Silva, musicologist who researched the original score of Os Lobos (1923) by Rino Lupo, and moderation by Tiago Baptista (Cinemateca Portuguesa/ANIM).

Free entrance upon collection of a free ticket on the same day.

9 THURSDAY, 18.00, CULTURGEST, SALA LOUNGE & TALKS, 90′ (Portuguese, English)

With: Branko Neskov, Elsa Ferreira, Joana Niza Braga, Rafael Gonçalves Cardoso
Moderated by: David Novack

Or is it in reverse order, making and afterwards thinking it? What are the stages of development of the language of sound in cinema and what do they require, from recording, foley and editing to mixing? How is the communication and creative collaboration that takes place between those who do sound and those who film? We gather some of the key sound professionals in Portugal, usually involved in different parts of the process, to understand what entails making sound in cinema.

Free entrance upon collection of a free ticket on the same day.

Conversations with the Independent Heroes

8 WEDNESDAY, 19.00, CINEMATECA FR, 90′ (French, with Portuguese translation)

Moderated by: José Manuel Costa, Maria João Madeira

Born Hanne Karin in Denmark, the cult actress is an unavoidable and defining figure of the European cinema of the 60s, a feat she achieved during her twenties. Anna Karina meets the festival audience to talk about her career including  several of the most important films that she acted on and that are part of the retrospective made of 17 features and five short films that IndieLisboa and the Cinemateca Portuguesa organized in the context of the Independent Hero section, but also about her less known work as director and scriptwriter.

Free entrance upon collection of a free ticket on the same day, at the box office of the Cinemateca Portuguesa, from 2pm on, maximum of two tickets per person.

11 SATURDAY, 17.00, CULTURGEST, SALA LOUNGE & TALKS, 90′ (Portuguese)

With: Bruna Carvalho Almeida, Caetano Gotardo, Felipe Bragança, Helvécio Marins Jr., Juliana Antunes
Moderated by: Gustavo Beck

Moderated by programmer and producer Gustavo Beck, this debate builds on the programme with which IndieLisboa honors Brazilian cinema in the Independent Hero section to talk about the present and the future of this national cinema at a particularly intense and worrying moment in the country’s political and social history. With the attendance of the filmmakers Felipe Bragança (Bring Me The Head of Carmen M.), Caetano Gotardo (Your Bones and Your Eyes), Helvécio Marins Jr. (Homing), Bruna Carvalho Almeida (The Young Baumanns) and Juliana Antunes (Plano Controle), all of whom with recent filmographies, not yet started at the time of the creation of IndieLisboa.

Free entrance upon collection of a free ticket on the same day.