Gio Arlotta + Jacco Gardner + Maria P. (dj set) — africa, zamrock

Related film: We Intend to Cause Havoc, by Gio Arlotta

Emmanuel “Jagari”Chanda is the legendary vocalist of WITCH, a cult band from Zambia in the 70s, famous for its mix of psychedelic rock and African rhythms. In 2016 the musician Jacco Gardner traveled to Zambia to meet Jagari and recover the forgotten sounds of the WITCH that culminated in a European tour in 2017. This is the story of the film We Intend to Cause Havoc. The sounds of Zambia and Africa will be on the music that Gio, Jacco and Maria P. Will bring to the after party of the film. Dance to the sound of African rhythms.

Gio Arlotta

As the founder of the Is Your Clam In A Jam?  blog, Gio has been making mix-tapes for the last 5 years, fusing rock and roll sounds form around the world with mind expanding melodies and groovy rhythms that are sure to get the body moving and the mind traveling. After the mixtapes, he then started a DIY video project capturing underground performances in Milan on a VHS camera. In 2014, he was invited on a cross continental trip across Africa passing through Zambia. There he met Jagari Chanda, lead singer of legendary Zambian Rock band WITCH, and started the path to documenting his life and bringing his music to the rest of the world.