We are in Alentejo, Portugal, during the 1950’s, and the land is pierced by wind, unemployment and hunger. Rich families own the land and have the power. Poor families are left only with despair or rage. Based on the classical Portuguese neo-realist novelSeara de Vento.

Flesh and Stone

A documentary on the sculptor João Cutileiro focusing on his works that were created to be displayed on public spaces. The artist reflects on his career as we visit several of his most iconic works, scattered throughout Portugal.

The Last Roar of a Mother Bear

In 1990, an obsessive Macanese cop (played by director Doug Chan himself) unravels two murders, eleven years apart. The film is based on the director’s childhood memories and extends a short film which was presented at IndieLisboa 2017.


Sara is a Portuguese actress who only works in film and is known for her ability to cry on cue. But one day her eyes dry up just like her interest in cinema. The solution? Soap operas. These first two episodes of a RTP series are an acidic satire on the Portuguese audiovisualmilieu.

Pass On

Pass On explores how home education may greatly influence the development of the city in a subtle and gradual manner.

Nunca as Minhas Mãos Ficam Vazias

A documentary that accompanies the discovery of the city of Lisbon by the artist Faustin Linyekula, through the work he developed in 2017 together with senior students of National Theatre School and the various shows he presented at the main cultural halls of the capital.

O Homem-Pykante – Diálogos com Pimenta

A performance-film (by the kaleidoscopic director Edgar Pêra) that is an homage to Alberto Pimenta, a poet, writer, thinker but also a performer. One of the most important Portuguese artists, provocateur by nature and political nonconformant by faith.


InKaCha, a boy is scared to get a haircut by a cannibal looking barber.

Mabata Bata

Azarias is a young orphan shepherd, keeper of a herd of oxen, where the ox Mabata Bata stands out. One day, the ox steps into a mine – the result of the civil war in the country – and explodes.


Illegalist: two mainland Chinese come work illegally in Macao: one at a construction site and the other as a sex-worker.

Between the Lies

During China’s big famine, Flower gets sick due to malnutrition, which leads her father to steal some millet, with devastating consequences:Between the Lies.

2+2=22 [The Alphabet]

In the first episode of the Streetscapes series, the urban landscape of Tbilisi meets the studio recording of Kreidler’s new music album ABC and Emigholz’s own journal, filled with movie tickets, letters and notes.


Can one wolf and three little pigs help us fight laziness?

Bickels [Socialism]

In the second episode of the Streetscapes series we visit 22 buildings by Samuel Bickels, in Israel, the cultural center Casa do Povo in São Paulo, and the Vio Nova community through Meir Axelrod’s paintings.

Canary Beat

A beautiful yellow canary plays beatbox in Canary Beat.


A mysterious cake triggers the determination of a night shift security guard Chow Keung, to search the source of the taste of sweetness in his life.


Colo portrays a family torn apart by the economic crisis. It is a film that reflects on isolation, the difficulties of living in a big city, like Lisbon, and the common path that we, as European societies, face in these troubled times.