Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn

A satire of the global pandemic that we still live in. This film begins with a sex tape that goes awry. At stake is the life and career of Emi, a teacher who is forced by her students’ parents to resign. However, Emi refuses. Recommended for those who enjoy transgressive cinematic experiences – in the best sense.

One Image, Two Acts

The oil industry in Iran, established in 1908, linked the formation of media infrastructure and colonial modernity in the country. This film investigates how companies that exploited this resource used films and ethnographic photographs to represent developments in Iran.

The Canyon

Experimental film where the only architecture that matters is the architecture of dreams. Epcar films the exteriors of houses, people and objects in a mesmerizing way, inviting the audience to a journey guided by music either disturbing or sublime.

Her Socialist Smile

This documentary sets the stage for the leftist and suffragette figure of Helen Keller, in a portrait that can be seen as a continuation or expansion of Gianvito’s work in his Profit Motive and the Whispering Wind (2007). Keller lost her hearing and vision as a child, which did not stop her from becoming a prolific writer, lecturer and activist. The film highlights important public appearances, such as her 1913 Out of the Dark speech.

Which Is Witch?

Part Rocky Horror Picture Show, part demented fairy tale: this is the story of Louis II of Bavaria, petrified and found, alive, in a forest. The mission of three sister witches, if they choose to accept it, is to defrost him and unravel the plot.


An atmospheric documentary about the routine of Shizuko Nakajima, a veteran chef in one of Japan’s oldest robata-yaki restaurants (culinary style similar to barbecue). What sets this apart from other common grill practices is the use of a communal fireplace.


Jeanne went with her six-year-old daughter to Majorca because it was cheap. And also to give her daughter something interesting to write about on the schoolwork about her vacation. But frustrations arise that bring this mother closer to her breaking point.

Blue Animal

A love story is always a ghost story and this story is haunted by a relationship that has recently ended and a pet that has died. An email movingly narrated, tinged by the blues of the Super8 images.

All of your Stars are but Dust on my Shoes

The light/dark dichotomy is not just a metaphor apt to be used by Star Wars fans, but a way for Haig Aivazian to analyze two components whose public administration can be transformed into a policing tool — from gas lanterns to blackouts and curfews.

Far From You I Grew

Nicolas imagines other worlds, far from his daily routine. He prefers to dream of Ulysses or Jack London’s travels. Imagining that he, too, will be able to travel far away. Nicolas is Sabrina’s son, but he was taken from his mother and placed in a foster home. The days pass, punctuated by events, such as seeing his mother or going to the woods with his friend Saef. But Nicolas continues adrift.

From Where They Stood

Christophe Cognet visits World War II concentration and extermination camps, such as Ravensbrück, Dachau or Auschwitz-Birkenau, evoking the presence of people who went through them and tried, clandestinely, to photograph and document the horror they saw with their own eyes. This evocation is made through the photographs that Cognet was able to obtain, juxtaposing the images captured with the locations in their contemporaneity.

By the Throat

Effi & Amir (born in Israel, living in Brussels) are a pair of artists who’ve worked together for over 20 years. In By the Throat, they explore a specific idea: human discourse (seen and studied in multiple ways) and the way in which strange/foreign sounds are understood as different or alien, in the same way as distinct territories can be considered hostile or lead to the definition of borders.


The melting of permafrost is a matter of concern in the face of issues related to climate change. In this film, it is a portal for reality to shape itself with fiction, or even myth. Different characters scour the Siberian tundra in search of a rare reindeer or of viable cells from the extinct mammoth. During this odyssey, how do you know when hope becomes an obsession?

Atarrabi & Mikelats

The goddess Mari decides to have the Devil be in the position of tutoring her twin sons, the titulars Atarrabi and Mikelats. Who better than him to prepare them for the world? The brothers grow up to become very different people: Atarrabi, solemn and curious, feels the world outside calling for him; Mikelats prefers to embrace a life of fun with his demon friends. In this modernized version of a Basque myth, sincerity and satire go hand in hand.

Ladies of the Wood

The beginning of this story is a forest that surrounds the city and, in it, strange characters circulate and they’ll tell you their stories, but also receive their customers. In the heart of the forest, they are the ladies of the wood.

So Foul a Sky

Based on a novel by Joseph Conrad, Nostromo, this is a road movie across Venezuela’s borders, portraying a crumbling country. The protagonists are pirates and pilgrims navigating an oppressive atmosphere, with oil as the object of desire on the black market and the potential cause of a political and humanitarian crisis.


Souad lives in a city on the Nile Delta, in Egypt, Zagazig. To her parents, she lives a conservative and veiled life. But the 19-year-old girl leads another life online, freer and without the constant scrutiny of her family life. Here, the affection we feel is towards Rabab, her younger sister. It’s her that sets out in search of answers, when Souad’s double life results in tragic consequences.

Forest – I See You Everywhere

A spiritual sequel to a previous film, Forest, a drama made with very little money, populated by amateur actors and characters with different relationships in crisis, composed in a series of vignettes. Here, we see a return to style and genre, with new characters in an equally claustrophobic environment, where Fliegauf explores themes such as abuse, trauma, loss and revenge.