A protest told from the perspective of the oppressors. In 1970s Poland, rising prices caused workers to strike and street protests grew, creating unbearable tension. The viewer is, however, listening to telephone conversations (which paint the picture of the moment with the help of animations) of the men that are deciding how to suppress the rebellion.


A film about something as seemingly simple as the issue of measurement reveals something insidious about the existing systems. And a line is drawn between the standardization of how something is measured to systems of power, democracies and censorship

At Least I’ve Been Outside

The director is close to a nudist beach with his camera, looking for someone who wants to be filmed. The search is not easy.


Simon is successful. Simon is a photographer. Simon has the life he wants. Until he starts seeing cucumbers everywhere.

Bird in the Peninsula

A hypnotic film that starts with a group of young men dancing, trying to follow the teacher’s instructions. An initiation ritual forbidden to girls. Even if one is peeking.


The detours from the title are more like treasure-hunts to which Denis subjects his clients, who only want the stashes of drugs he’s hiding in the melancholic landscapes of Moscow. Everywhere is a place he could add to this game, although we lose sight of this naughty guide to visit other figures that populate the city. Between the anonymity of the Darknet and policing and oppression, this city contains multiple dimensions.

An Ambush in Suspense

The intriguing presentation of a series of objects — such as white plastic chairs — that are placed before the spectator before being destroyed in unusual ways, as with trees collapsing on top of them.

By Flávio

Márcia would like to be an influencer on Instagram, but also to hang out with rapper Da Reel Chullz. However, there’s a tiny obstacle, her son Flávio.

Churchill, Polar Bear Town

The town of Churchill, Canada, becomes a hotspot for polar bears from October to November. This fact gives rise to both tourism, the possibility of seeing a bear up close, and unexpected attacks, blurring the line between civilized and wild.

Convenience Store

Mukhabbat, a young and vulnerable immigrant from Uzbekistan, is the figure through which this film explores modern forms of slavery: when circumstances and lack of civil rights are so violent that people work without any pay. In Convenience Store, Mukhabbat works under these abusive conditions. Until the day when despair drives her to action. Images of violence against women that can be considered sensitive.


The mother of writer Félix Bruzzone disappeared in 1976 from Campo de Mayo, one of the main clandestine detention centers of the then established Argentinian dictatorship. Today, it is one of the largest military units in the country. Bruzzone is determined to find someone to help him explore this space, a symbol of a very particular and also collective pain — his experiences inspire Jonathan Perel, who accompanies him.


If cinema is a machine that generates empathy, as Roger Ebert said, this is evidence of that. There are few words in this documentary by Andrea Arnold (American Honey, Big Little Lies), her first foray into the genre, but they’re not really necessary. We follow the life of cow Luma in a mechanised farm environment, since her early calf-hood to the end of her life. Images of animal treatment that may be considered sensitive.


When the pandemic changed all plans, Bertrand Bonello took a handful of actors (and the voice of Gaspard Ulliel) to make socially distant cinema and Coma is an ode to what it’s like to be stranded at home A film dedicated to his daughter, whose on-screen persona spends the day looking at small screen of a phone, making the most of all the possibilities that this mini-mirror offers for us to feel connected to the world. Until what is real and what is narrative collide resoundingly. What matters is that it’s #content.

How Do You Measure a Year?

Every year, on his daughter’s birthday, the father films her answers to the same questions. As we watch the girl grow, from baby to adult, we also see the evolution of the relationship between father and daughter.

The Girl From Dak Lak

In the countryside, the days were always the same, which led Súóng to go to Saigon, the city full of people and infinite possibilities. But when she gets a job at a small eatery, with two other girls — who also live there, together — she gets into a passive routine. Nothing seems to exist outside of the restaurant. But her inner life isn’t so carefree and there is a battle inside her that she will have to resolve.


In the northeast of Brazil, the country’s first manned spaceship will be launched. On the outskirts, a mother that works as a housekeeper looks to the sky with longing.


A filmic contemplation on the use of masks, the faces of our loved ones and the rituals we create to feel connected to what comes after death.

Penalty Shot

Two kids kick a ball around, dreaming of one day playing for their favorite football team. The arrival of older teenagers turns the afternoon into a bitter ordeal.