Vox Lipoma

A short about Ingmar Bergman’s power, sexuality and a facial lipoma that gives him no rest.

Your Bones and Your Eyes

João lives in São Paulo. He goes through a series of encounters with people like his long-time friend Irene; his boyfriend Álvaro; Matias, a young man he meets in the subway and has a sexual experience with, among others, some acquainted, some unknown.

The Young Baumanns

1992. The last heirs of a traditional family from the state of Minas Gerais mysteriously disappear. 2017. A box with VHS tapes reveals homemade records of their last days on the family’s farm.

Too Late to Die Young

During the summer of 1990 in Chile, a small group of families lives in an isolated community, in the aftermath of end of the dictatorship. In this time of change and reckoning, Sofía, Lucas and Clara struggle with parents, first love, and fears.

Treasure Island

It’s summer on an amusement park in the Paris suburbs. A land of adventures, flirting and transgression for some, a place to hide out or take a break for others. It’s like a childhood kingdom waiting to be explored, resonating with the turmoil of today’s society.

Seven Years in May

One night, Rafael came home to discover that some people were looking for him. He fled, without looking back, and his life changed.

The Blue Flower of Novalis

This is an highly staged biographical documentary where legend and fact merge into Marcelo Diorio’s character, the host of his open anus and his past lives. Here his traumas (abuses and HIV) become tragicomedy and his subversive charm leaves no one indifferent.

Martin Cries

“Martin pleure” presents us a romantic hooligan.

Our Legacy

Lucas goes out with Anaïs. It’s the first time she comes to his home. His father, Pierre Woodman, the famous pornographer, went on holidays.

Journey To The Magic Waterfall

“Journey to the Magic Waterfall” is a sentimental journey through vintage game aesthetics: a character with a pitiful life is granted a wish, having a lovely singing voice.


In a land of mountains and forests, a young man no longer recognizes his dogs.


From Spanish, querencia refers to desire, wanting, it is the place you love. Also in Brazil it is the place where cattle were raised or have the habit of grazing. It is the place where one finds their strength – a man, the bull – where one feels at home. Marcelo is a cowboy who sees his life overshadowed by a dark cloud when a violent assault occurs on the farm where he works. Sinking down, he is forced to rethink his life. But here lies also an opportunity to pursue a dream: to be a rodeo narrator. And so a new desire is drawn, a new place where one feels at home, next to his bulls, again strong and sane. Helvécio Marins weaves a narrative based on reality – his non-actors are transported to this territory and carry with them all the experience and feelings giving a bull’s strength to this film. Meanwhile the animals look firmly at us like announcing: dark times are coming to Brazil, but the strength will come and go in a wave, it will not abandon us. (M.M.)

I Was at Home, But

Phillip, a 13-year-old school boy, disappeared without a trace for a week. When he reappears, his mother is confronted with questions that lead to a changed view of her life. Winner of Best Director award at Berlinale.

As Long as Shotguns Remain

It’s hot, the streets are oddly empty, palms are suffering and shotguns crying. Joshua wants to die but he doesn’t want to leave his brother Mael alone. Meanwhile he meets with a gang: the Icebergs.

Between Two Waters

Isra and Cheíto are two Roma brothers: Isra was sent to prison for drug dealing and Cheíto signed up for the Marines. When one is released from prison the other returns from a long mission, and it is time for a family reunion.


The sea. Some snacks. Fire.

Wong Ping’s Fables 1

A Buddhist elephant, a socially media addicted hen, and a tree trunk afraid of insects enter a subway carriage.

Yellow Line

The traffic is chaotic and there is only one force that controls it: the yellow lines that separates the tracks.