The Catalogue

A utopia of consumerism in which we are reduced to our tastes and characteristics so that we are better sold what we (don’t?) want.


A video composed of sound and visual sampling of news from around the world, made in collaboration with Painè Cuadrelli.

AI (Love)

A Japanese avant-garde film that is a poem-made-cinema for its use of surrealist imagery, presenting a sensual look at the human body.


An appropriation-of-an-appropriation of videos from Instagram, YouTube, video games and public archives that (re)compose wrecked memories.

Classic Lesbian Films: Dyketactics

An exploration of the identity of the woman as a lesbian, which mixes the materiality of the film with the tangibility of the female body, creating an aesthetic of its own.

All You Can Eat

In liberative fashion, or apotheotic exorcism, a collage of moments of male sexual pleasure.

Allers venues

Among domestic animals, a month is spent in the countryside, in the south of France. A group of friends rents a house and enjoy the summer.

No Film

Michael Brynntrup’s first internet-related film is a one-minute ode to rhythm in the age of reproducibility. Would Walter Benjamin approve?

Walt Disney’s Ex Prod

The strange sexualization of a singing dog in a children’s film, in a film investigation set to a song by Colette Renard.

Themes and Variations

The body of a woman dancing, machinery at work and the sensuality of the increasingly abstract shapes on the screen.

Sleepy Haven

In a reference to Kenneth Anger’s Fireworks, an erotic movement is created between pre-existing and filmed images, with an amorous language, a dialectic of nakedness, heavy breathing and surrender of the body.

Ecce Homo

Images from Jean Genet’s Un Chant d’Amour are interspersed with images of sexual scenes between men, raising questions about subversion and taboos.

Steve Hates Fish

Filmed on a mobile phone, an application tries to translate signs from French to English and is mercilessly confused.

Solitary Acts #4

The director does what she wants with her vagina in Solitary Acts #4.

Sexe – Thym

A deep zoom shot that plays with the definitions of sexe (sex or sexual organ) and thym (thyme), which rhymes with the English word time, creating a game with words and images.


In the slot machine of capitalism, it’s not things but consumption itself that is our god.

Mit Mir

A woman and her double in a caressing game.