Tree Like Woman

Elba has been through a lot. Her daily routine is made of house chores and field work, taking care of the animals, writing “letters in the air” to eternity. The collective of directors Los Segundos filmed a letter of reply, inspired by Elba’s resistance and strength.
This film is not in English and does not have subtitles in English.

Under current

In the work of Alice dos Reis, an artist working and living between Amsterdam and Lisbon, the sea world has been the subject of reflection. Here, krill swarms carry nano-cameras. Are they conscious of the images they produce as seen by a human gaze?

Ode to Childhood

A shy girl visits the park with her protective father. But when she meets another girl full of energy they play nonstop. At the end of that magical day, nothing will be like before.


Camila lives surrounded by gadgets, cables and the brightness of screens. Her work is fixing broken machines. Her loneliness is momentarily broken by online presences, the sharing of dreams and lynchian voyages.


 “The Devil, a baby and other animals get together to celebrate something, after having died.” This is the way dos Santos describes his first cinematic work. A stupefaction ritual, an experimentation cycle, two and a half minutes about what lives and dies.

The Sacrifice of the Druids

Light reveals, but can also sacrifice. Working with visual and sonorous improvisation, Reinaldo Almeida explores the connection between the legend of the druids and a mysterious house. An atmosphere exercise that ties what we are told and what we want to tell.

Afternoon Sun

Desire is not a subject for words. It is instead a lightness that weighs on windless afternoons, on wet clothes drying in the sun, on warm water pool baths. At night, insects are drawn to light, because desire is not a subject for words. 


Lazarus came back from the dead. Where do we go after we’re dead? In the National Museum of History and Science, taxidermy suspends the end and maintains eternity. Between going and staying, there is no on and off button. 

La Leyenda Negra

Last year Patrícia Delgado’s short film The Hood was presented in the national competition at IndieLisboa. The Portuguese director, L.A. based, signs now her first feature film, a coming of age story of a young Latin student, Aleteia, who looks forward to pursuing her studies at the university. With a realistic style and attentive look, this is also a vision of the tense American political atmosphere at the moment, as well as the dissensions within the Hispanic community.

Laniakea Supercluster

Laniakea is a galaxy supercluster that contains our Milky Way. In this melancholic, disquieting film-journey, we proceed musically through the elements we’re made of. The animal, the water, the sky, mannequins and broken stones.


Nestor is a man who suffers from obsessive-compulsive behaviours, affecting the position of the objects around him. Unfortunately, he lives in a houseboat, where the oscillation and instability is the norm.

Estrada para o Céu

The spaces we live in and the spaces we imagine to live. A mother and a son in a city apartment. But each in his own landscape: a travel to the pinnacles of Earth through google; a deer in danger; what do to?

Club Splendida

Caio Soares defines his film as a “queer-camp science-fiction web series” that tries to explore the dynamics of the small collective structures. In other words, five friends build a spaceship and start to look for Club Splendida, somewhere in space.


A small shadow play. The family directs the director. The filmmaker turned projection screen reveals us, through cinema, the relationship with her family. Person and shadow, shot reverse shot, the surrounding everyday moulds us and, in turn, burns and transforms. 


Altas, as Gaivotas

Amélia comes to an industrial port. Factories, little boats, the patient water in the night. In an impulse she decides to use one of the boats. But in her own world, there is also the world of others. Namely, of an older fisherman that goes there to work.